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Update on my desert garden with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, jalepenos, grapes, chives, and corn. Video Rating: / 5 I was lucky enough to visit the Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix, Arizona. The Desert Botanical Gardens are exquisite, with a multitude of cactus varieties. A butterfly exhibit is available for the next few months. If you have a chance, visit a butterfly pavilion. Related PostsLow Desert Vegetable Garden near Phoenix, ArizonaDesert Botanical Garden | Phoenix Arizona RV Travel DestinationTop Leafy Green for Phoenix, Arizona Desert Gardens – Summer Heat Garden GreensTop Leafy Green for Phoenix, Arizona Desert Gardens – Summer Heat Garden GreensA Wedding in the Desert Botanical Gardens | Phoenix, Arizona by Love My Life PhotographyDesert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, AZ

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  • 6spdkeg 1 year ago

    Are you adding any Nutrients along the way to the soil?   Thanks again!  I didn't have much luck growing this year.. .

  • 6spdkeg 1 year ago

    When did you start each of your plants this year?  Were they from seed or?   What do you mean by a ton of water?  Thanks! 

  • Steven Miller 1 year ago

    Hey neighbor! Im growing pretty much all of what your growing here in Peoria. It amazes me what can actually be grown here in the desert. I am trying desperately to get my banana tree to get some bananas this year, fingers crossed all goes to plan! Great video :)