Mulch is one of the most important things you can use in your garden and landscape. It has many benefits, is usually free or inexpensive, and easy to use. Gardener Scott discusses and demonstrates some of the best attributes of mulch: it helps retain soil moisture; it reduces weeds; it protects the trunks of trees and other plants; it moderates soil temperature; it helps to reduce soil compaction; it can help beautify your landscape; it can help improve soil and its nutrients; it reduces splashing of fungus and bacteria onto leaves.

Books on mulching:
“How to Mulch”
“Weedless Gardening”

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Understanding Mulch – Magic in the Garden

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    Thank you so much for sharing this video , this is very useful to all gardeners, Now i will try to make for mulch and spread on the area where i do planting root crops.

  • awhislyle

    My local landscaping supply sells a 'mixed mulch' which is all of their bad looking old stuff – it ends up being about half compost half wood chips. I spread it around and after a rain all the compost goes to the bottom and the chips stay on top – I'm slowly trying to build a no dig(back to eden-ish?) garden and this stuff already being broken down really speeds up the process, I don't have good soil at all but things grow amazingly under those chips. Getting a yard for $10 is a great deal in my opinion

  • Laura Lefèvre

    Hey Scott, wondering if you've used Alfalfa as a mulch for your veggie beds? I have friend who is a gardener & professional landscaper who recommends Alfalfa in CA but now I'm in mountains of NC and I'm starting a brand New 1 acre garden this year with maybe 4 beds.

  • Don Chesley

    i picked up three bales of straw to use as much (Wheat) and now after 6weeks lookks like its filling in with what looks like grass but could germinate wheat i'm not sure

  • ilona ilona

    I just got a small allotment and will try mulching. It has stones mixed with soil already from previous tenant, so inorganic mulch, I will explore it further what I can do about it and how I can bring the benefit out of it. After watching this educational video, I feel more positive.

  • Stephen Luna

    I know cardboard isn't a mulch but I'm wondering if I lay cardboard on top of my beds if 1) it will kill grass from growing from the grass roots that grew through my bulk delivery and some of the grass clippings I've received and 2) if it will still be safe for the soil bacteria and fungi I've been developing. To have it work as a temporary "mulch"

  • Brendan Hall

    I spread a load of free wood chips along the soggy side of yard in early September. I am at the bottom of the hill and am waiting to see if the winter rains will wash them away. Made it through one big rain, so far. The wood chips stay wet all the time, and I really don't know what I am doing, just thought wood chips would turn into improved soil.

  • Weird Heathers Garden

    I mulch under my strawberries and squashes to stop them touching the ground and rotting. Also for containers that dry out quickly, plus my garlic bed. I just use shredded paper as I can get lots of it for free, tho I add autumn leaves too when I have them. The paper does tend to matt though, so I have to break it up every now and then to make sure water can still get through.

  • Poly Ester 66

    Are bamboo leaves good mulch – they could be recently fallen. If I put them on my allotment now (Oct 2020) will they still be there in spring (6 months) and a problem ?

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