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This is Growing Underground, it’s an underground farm founded in 2012 by Richard Ballard and Steven Dring. The farm sits inside a WWII bomb shelter. Eight of these shelters were built across London during the war, and they were each built to house around 8,000 people. The tunnel system is 6,500m2 and Growing Underground currently only use 1/6th of the space. The farm uses hydroponic systems and LED lighting to simulate a day and night cycle. The process takes place entirely underground, from the sowing of the seeds to the harvesting and packaging. ____________________________________ Read more: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: Related PostsUnderground Farms Produce Over 2 Tons of Food Per MonthWorld’s largest indoor vertical farm uses 95 percent less water and produces more foodThis Underground New York City Farm Grows Rare Edible Plants — What's in the Basement?Dear First Time Gardener, You CAN Grow Food | How To Start Gardening | Roots and Refuge FarmAquaponics farm produces fish, greens for Calgary restaurantsGrowing Food in the City – Urban Rooftop Farm in Downtown Toronto

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