In this video, I have demonstrated the entire step by step process from unboxing the planters for vertical gardening till wall mounting. This is the first video of my Vertical Terrace Gardening series.
Happy Gardening.

Trust Basket Rectangular Railing Planter- Teal (18 inch)-
Vertical hanging pots –
Wall Mounting vertical planters-
Combo pack for DIY potting mix-
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I am sure Gardening brings happiness to all of us. This channel is all about my Stress Reliever “Gardening”.
I used to work in Financial Sector and stress became a part of my life. As I always had an inclination towards nature, I started gardening in my backyard 1 year back and since then no looking back. I have managed to grow almost 250 plants in my backyard and have learned a lot about various plants and their caring patterns.
Through this channel, I will try and impart whatever knowledge I have, to make gardening simpler for my viewers. I will try and motivate my viewers to opt for Gardening as their hobby so that they are also able to feel the same happiness which I am feeling.


Vertical Gardening Series:
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Unboxing Vertical Gardening Planters| Complete Installation Guide|HINDI

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