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This video is about the Terrace Garden Kit provided by Tamil Nadu government.

Watch out this video also. “How to use Terrace garden kit” https://youtu.be/S-HE42sqCcQ

Price of the kit is around 320 RS

Horticulture Officer (Madhavaram): 9003265922Horticulture Officer (Annanagar): 9841155808Horticulture Officer (Thiruvanmiyur): 044 – 24510597Horticulture Officer (Perambur): 8056217841

Coimbatore District: 0422-2453578

Cuddalore District: 04141-291878/291665

Dharmapuri District: 04342-232226/234411

Dindigul District: 04542-241210/0451-2460522

Erode District: 0424-2276496

Kancheerpuram District: 044-27222400

Kanyakumari District: 04652-279776

Karur District: 04324-255289

Krishnagiri District: 04343-231130

Madurai District: 0452-2532351

Nagapattinam District: 04365-253005

Namakkal District: 04286-280827

Perambalur District: 04328-291099

Pudukkottai District:04322-228394

Ramanathapuram District: 04567-230328

Salem District: 0427-2451382/04292-244608

Sivakangai District: 04575-246161

Thanjavur District: 04362-271880/ 04362-232540

Theni district:
Deputy Director of Horticulture
District Collector Office complex
Ayuthapadai ground, Theni – 625 631
State Horticulture Farm – Periyakulam

Thiruvarur District: 04366-224861

Thiruvannamalai District: 04175-233337

Trichy District: 0431-2423464

Tirunelveli District:0462-2581632

Tuticorin District: 0461-2340681

Thiruvallur District: 044-27665294

Vellore District: 0416-2243530

Villupuram District: 04146-22116

Chennai District: 044-25554443

Udhagamandalam District: 0423-2444085/ 0423-2444056 / 0423-2443867/ 0423-2231718/ 04266-273709/ 04262-261376
0423-2442545/ 0423-2444070/ 0423-2507722
0423-2550249/ 0423-2230395/ 0423-2004833

Ariyalur District: 04329-228105

Tirupur District: 0421-2213270/ 0421-2216565

Virudhunagar District: 04562-252393

Coimabatore ddhcoimbatore@yahoo.com
Cuddalore ddhcuddalore@yahoo.com
Dharmapuri ddhdharmapuri@yahoo.com
Dindigul ddhdindigul@yahoo.com
Erode ddherode@yahoo.com
Kancheepuram ddhkancheepuram@yahoo.com
Kanyakumari ddhkanyakumari@yahoo.com
Karur ddhkarur@yahoo.com
Krishnagiri ddhkrishnagiri@yahoo.com
Madurai ddhmadurai@yahoo.com
Nagapattinam ddhnagapattinam@yahoo.com
Namakkal ddhnamakkal@yahoo.com
Perambalur ddhhariyalur@yahoo.com
Pudukkottai ddhpudukottai@yahoo.com
Ramanathapuram ddhramanathapuram@yahoo.com
Salem ddhsalem@yahoo.com
Sivaganga ddhsivagangai@yahoo.com
Thanjavur ddhthanjavur@yahoo.com
Nilgiris ddhnilgiris@yahoo.com
Theni ddhtheni@yahoo.com
Thiruvannamalai ddhthiruvannamalai@yahoo.com
Thiruvarur ddhthiruvarur@yahoo.com
Thoothukudi ddhthoothukudi@yahoo.com
Thiruvallur ddhthiruvallur@yahoo.com
Tiruchirappali ddhtiruchi@yahoo.com
Tirunelveli ddhthirunelveli@yahoo.com
Vellore ddhvellore@yahoo.com
Villupuram ddhvillupuram@yahoo.com
Virudhunagar ddhvirudhungar@yahoo.com
Director of Horticulture dirhortitn@yahoo.com
TANHODA mdtanhoda@tn.gov.in
IAMWARM iamwarmtnhorti@gmail.com
TANHOPE tanhopech5@yahoo.co.in
FARM fpmtanhoda@gmail.com

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Hey Peeps,

Welcome to my channel!!!!!!!!

These days, it is nearly impossible to find any food without chemicals and pesticides. As a result , people are constantly looking for organic food items. But the real benefit of organic food is achieved only when we use good quality organic ingredients. Of course it is easier to walk into an organic store and buy what we need, but does it fit into our budget? how many of us can afford to buy organic groceries every month?

Having said this, we also know how important it is to bring our children up with a strong foundation. The only way to do this is to have our own terrace garden and grow our own organic food.
No harmful pesticides, no artificial growth promoters and healthy organic fruits and vegetables.

To help and encourage us to plant more, our government is distributing terrace gardening kits at subsidised prices. Make use of it and have fun eating what you grow:)


Unboxing Terrace Garden Kit in Tamil | Terrace Garden Kit only for 350RS

About The Author


  • Kannan Maha

    நாங்கள் சென்னை பெருங்குடியில் வசித்துவருகிரோம் இந்த உரங்களை எப்படி வாங்குவது எங்கே கிடைக்கும் கொஞ்சம் சொல்லுங்கள்

  • Suresh 135

    ஆவடி செங்குன்றம் பகுதியில் எங்கு கிடைக்கும்?

  • Janani S

    Doing good job.. It's not necessary to learn everything when we start for something good.. Pls don't lend your ears to hurtful comments.. Don't feel sorry for that.. You are doing wonderful job.

  • white pepper Piper Nigrum

    more than any thing terrace gardening is turning basic necessity not to garnish but basic food which by today making adultered contaminated most disastrous moment carried on every citizen shoulders though the projection said but govt should come forward to make those olden days say about even 20 years or 30 years thers is often visit made to check about each residence from agriculture dept and private vendors today that is not even pack on business that today district govt based agriculute instead of brining all the manure there should known vising ward and make it viable on the ground of making it instead there is almost less attention toward terrace gardening this is cultivate today most school of govt mid day meals or meal scheme is executed but over a period that should run on it's own be it they provide three day meals or food that should come from their irrgiated lands and should govern meticulously and it success ration rather watiting up today eggs , meat and even supplying that depending up for goat meat fish meat and even eggs and chicken this all even can be properly placed and supports best system to school food and organized way schools today muincipal or coproporation winded up due to failites and not even proper level of education standards is provide that makes realy shame to the entire country a district of twon viallage put to shame due to wrong governance district expansion is less our export is less today more than terrace garden is turning necessity for today generation and coming generation failures cannot be carried as inflation and hyper inflation , it country not even bother how to make a scheme self fucntion on its own because that fails very shortly

  • white pepper Piper Nigrum

    district faces hgihly by monopoly market and price thought they are commandable in ther prices and busienss and trade

    basic necesiity today death due to nutrious food is not brought all mixture of pesticides engaged and pricing of that

    terrace gardeining is the only result
    and schools should bring down thier irrigation and cultivate and use that cultivation as on daily food be it meat milk ,vegetbable and frutits most of the inflation will come down

    predominant of market monopoly occupier rising price as per each govt enhance as if each death day or birth day or thier party fucntion they raise and bring down even at the cheapest trick of election they bring down the price

    unworth in the hands

    govt ruining the entire system of farming and agriculutre
    today check out eac schools how many prositution running and how many schools are used as lodge and play cards
    a ground say about play ground take alook how greenery made a plantation right ful amount of oxygen
    walkers joggers and those how the canteen and check out toilets more than visitng the ground will die

    traditional sports district training coacher and notbrought to attention in india all that

    turning debt in india every seconds the life of district in the hands of any govt as such ruins the entire system

    autonoumous function should be and lot of thing today people faces land mining sand mafia creates radiation , imbalance the ecosysttem , ecological balance

    do we allow sterlite and more than industries which is said openly about the emission and chemical mixing water

    ur not supporting in direct next genration and current generation babby exprected premature brain

    and tripur chemccal mixing tamilnadu turning one of the worst state ruin by dmk admk aiadmk and so on congress and bjp also made each state to the level in to beggar state

    what is the waiver off and then how did they pay the amount after waive do they have alternative income
    biggest drama action

    bjp too play as per their state and business they waive off loan and they loot all the gst money for saving thier business, check out how for check out what else india have
    under ground wires is places some where in gujarat area to show what nothing when costal regions attacked by different level of cyclone impact are more underground wires should be save , more than hanging wires , when gail interest shown to use the agriculutre land y not underground electric wires in costal regionls first and remote ends

    looted by thier own governance

  • Fathima Zainab

    Hi friends, i get a lot of queries about the grow bags . So I have arranged for the availability of grow bags. For cost and measurement details, pls WhatsApp 7010692954.

  • Cook with Ishi

    Great video. hope to stay connected and support each other. i am your 201st subscriber. please subscribe to my channel

  • Priya Vasu

    It's very useful dear. I wish you to do lot many vedios to help and educate others who is in need. Appreciating your work.

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