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Vertical farming lets you maximise your production, while reducing your footprint. The Leaf Pyramid Pro lets you grow 160 leafy greens and herbs in just 65 sqft. This is an Unboxing video for the Leaf Pyramid Pro from Future Farms. Everything you need to know, right out of the box! Our Leaf Pyramid Series also includes the One! Have fun watching! Visit our Facebook page at: Or our website: Home And please don’t forget to Like/Share/Subscribe! Doing an experiment with the combination of aquarium fish poop water to grow near-organic crops utilizing a DIY air-lift pump. Coupled with the idea of recycle & reuse of unwanted item, soda bottles as grow beds, the system may consider sustainable! The grow beds are planted with vegetable seeds & seedlings and is irrigated with fish poop nutrients to water (drip) on the crops at the same time cleanse the water and send back to the fish tank. Hope you’ve enjoyed my video. Remember to give a thumbs up & subscribe! Cheers! Check-out my other videos too: A Simple & Easy Window Vertical Farm Part 2 Watering: A Simple & Easy Window Vertical Farm Part 1 Setup: Propagating Fig Tree using Cup : DIY Self Watering Device : Wrightia Religiosa Multi Layered Flower Cultivar Part 2 : Singapore Garden Festival 2016 : Organic Microgreen (CaiXin) : A Mysterious Little Figgy – Organic Bean Sprouts – Earth Day 2016 – Blue Pea From Seeds – Polyscias Bonsai ‘Garden’ : (s) aka Lady’s Fingers : DIY Aeroponic + Aquaponic + Air-Lift Pump Vertical Farming System : Experimenting DIY Hydroponic Growing Cups : Mulberry Bonsai : Polyscias Bonsai “The Couple” : DIY Aquaponic Vertical Farming (Version 2) – […]

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  • Mohd Barwani 5 months ago

    Dear Future Farms
    I have seen a lots of your video and would like to discuss business opportunity can you send me your contact details.

  • Reach2 Hardy 5 months ago

    Hi, Like to visit your farms. Can please share your location.; 98421-80011

  • Vastayan yasaswi 5 months ago

    Hello Future Farms appreciate your work I am following your videos from past few months. I would like to visit your garden in Chennai. Can you let me know the location details .
    email I'd

  • Robin Rheaume 5 months ago

    Nice! How much water do you need to add to this system daily to compensate for evaporation and plant consumption?

  • Bob Newey 5 months ago

    Very clever you are onto something that is very interesting and "it works"!