Join Urban Leaf Co-Founder Nate for an unboxing and demo of one of our Window Sill Garden Kits. He’ll show you what comes inside the box, and provide a brief explanation of all the different parts.

We offer four different kits:
– Culinary Classics: Sweet Basil, Dill & Lemon Basil
– Edible Flowers: Marigold, Spicy Globe Basil & Purple Basil
– Exotic Basils: Thai Basil, Purple Basil & Lime Basil
– Hint of Citrus: Lemon Basil, Lime Basil & Lemon Balm

Here is what you will find in each Urban Leaf Window Sill Garden Kit:
– 3 inserts. These are the core of our product, and contains all the soil and nutrients your plants need.
– The seed packets.
– The labels. Each kit comes with pre-written labels for the seeds included in the kit, plus a spare blank label.
– The germination stickers. These are just needed for the first 10 days of the plants life to help your plants start growing.
– Your abbreviated Quick Start guide. It’s not exhaustive, so if you want more information check out our website or find us on social media (our handle across channels is @geturbanleaf).

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Unboxing an Urban Leaf Window Sill Garden Kit (Day 0)

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