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  • Sadie Louise 1 year ago

    The dad is cheeter

  • Hashem Mumin 1 year ago

    i love you tekkerz kid

  • Blake Parkhouse 1 year ago

    The dad didn't get the ball is the in the hoop first time

  • Blake Parkhouse 1 year ago

    The dad put the ball in a angle so he just needs to kick the ball straight and the kids had to kinda curl the ball into the bin

  • Angel Alegria 1 year ago

    Takket kid were do you live

  • Ethan Gemetzis 1 year ago

    The dad stop Cheating

  • Mitch Chin 1 year ago

    Sick terkers kid

  • George Ager 1 year ago

    That's not fair as romello went befor Lorenzo so he had an extra shot

  • Russell Lee 1 year ago

    The dads shot didnt go in

  • 437_mateyas 1 year ago


  • gamerkid 1 year ago


  • Blessing Omijie 1 year ago

    Best video ever well done lads

  • Ariyan M 1 year ago

    Who's looking through the comments while watching

  • UR Nan 1 year ago

    Why did he run over his Real Madrid kit and he's wearing it now

  • Bronson McNamara 1 year ago

    Allways think you can do it like nike just do it

  • Jayon Isibor 1 year ago


  • Claudia Burghelea 1 year ago


  • Cj Plays 1 year ago

    So my cousin what are you going to do that for you for your videos because that mean it's where it's slowly and political and it because we want you to come to the action to them to see Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi Real Madrid in Spain so yeah and I'm going to be there and I actually want you to be done my cousin you don't believe me you look similar to me and I'm sure reminder your friend to me the dad see my uncle your mum is my auntie fortunately and yeah I really want you to know you more better and you are my cousin you are my looks like you're my first cousin so yeah please subscribe to my YouTube channel please rather not brother and cousin I miss you so much brother I wish you were my brother so i couldn't what are you going to do next week for your videos because that minutes well it's learn it and curl it couldn't it because we want you to come to the Spain or I'll tell them to delete your YouTube channel do people who made YouTube so please come to Spain because you're only a lovely cousin I will always love you
    From CJ

  • Louise Lambert 1 year ago

    The dad is a cheeter