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This is one of the dopest grow rooms ever..It is very well built and has an awesome hydro system… Related PostsUnder Current Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System: animated walkthroughUnder Current XXL Hydroponics -HUGE- Root System Harvest Time!!!Simple Hydroponic RO Water System For Under $200How To Build A Hydroponic System Part 1 of 2Current Culture H2O Marijuana Hydroponics Grow using the UnderCurrent SystemPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living Walls

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  • aleiterful 1 year ago

    What do u run for ballast

  • PumpExpert 1 year ago

    I wonder how much the power bill is

  • azis1100 1 year ago

    Wow, amazing setup.

  • costa 1 year ago

    TOTALLY awesome grow room,LOVE it…

  • robdarippah 1 year ago

    do you use clones or do you grow from seed? Also, if you use clones, do you ever use clones reverted from flower? I had a fellow caregiver attempt to donate me some reverted clones recently and I was skeptical of taking them

  • robdarippah 1 year ago

    you need to top your plant

  • PeopleEqualShlt 1 year ago

    I love your garage,lol

  • AMagicalUsername 1 year ago

    Yup vertical is the way to go, and it makes reflector/hoods useless to. Bulbs are more efficient this way since plants can be all around a bulb rather than on one side. Too many valuable lumens are lost 'reflecting' the light.
    Reusing the dehumidifier water is good too because the PH is great and it's pretty clean and of course it saves resources.

  • SpidermanRun 1 year ago

    how do these guys get around the massssive amount of electricity being used?

  • 81Kush 1 year ago

    the part 2 is on his website so is part 3!!

  • 81Kush 1 year ago

    hey remo power must be much cheaper in canada than in america you run more lights than anyone i know down here in california and its also hotter down here i assume has something to do with it

  • Angelo Smokes 1 year ago

    part 2 is invisible.

  • Millsie :3 1 year ago

    I sort of liked the other under current system you showed a few months back more, but this is pretty sweet too – The pulleys are a damn good idea

  • CaptainCanada780 1 year ago

    Just so everyone knows, when I went to urbangroweronline all the parts to this series were uploaded days ago.

  • SniperPFL 1 year ago

    its all on urbangroweronline. Parts 1,2,3 its all there

  • FallenBrandon 1 year ago

    Weres part 2 remo!!!!! Keep them vids comn, I wanna see some superchargn!!!!

  • UKCHEEZ 1 year ago


  • Jared Bank 1 year ago

    That must produce some great buds

  • redbeard456 1 year ago

    Whoever owns that must have some serious cash to spend on all the top of the line equipment…I'm so jealous.

  • Alex_Qc 1 year ago

    600 W = closer to the plant and more lumens than a 1000 W i love the 600 w 😀