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For more information check out Listen to U2 on Apple Music: Listen to U2 Complete on Spotify: (C) 1987 Universal-Island Records Ltd. Related PostsUS farmers take to streets against MonsantoDEF CON 22 – Dr. Paul Vixie – Domain Name Problems and SolutionsYES CLUB toshiba conference green roof videoGreen Grid – Warlocks – Contemporary Lounge MusicHow to Fix Shed Felt to Your Shed RoofHow to Fix Roofing Shingles to Your Shed


Green Roofs



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  • happinessisasmile 10 months ago

    Mark Hendrix maybe this spontaneous music fest is the only way to do concerts in the future… the people will always want music… we won't be silenced I'm sure! thoughts going out to all who have been affected by any of the affects of these crazy people… but we got to keep the faith and rise above them…don't let them take our music!

  • Omar Regalado 10 months ago

    Con esa canción me dan ganas de vivir

  • dfri729 10 months ago

    Phooey on the cops for ruining a great concert!

  • Rose M Lane 10 months ago

    First time I heard U 2 was back in 87, every time I listened to music I feel like I'm flying with the lyrics. I love it.

  • claudia33 10 months ago

    como quieren hacer creer que la gente esta superemocionada, lo cual no es cierto
    primeros 3 min de basura, pretendiendo que es un mega espectaculo
    y lo ultimo tambien.
    los beatles lo hicieron hace 50 años, se ve su autenticidad,, pero estos pajeros?? que no jodan

    Menuda banda pajera para pajeros
    El mismo riff de guitarra una y otra y otra vez..todas sus jodias canciones suenan igual

  • claudia33 10 months ago

    how this wankers want to copy to beattles

  • Ralph Garrett 10 months ago

    God is blessing you in a mighty way.

  • Jade Anderson 10 months ago

    Beware of arrogant hipsters that feel compelled to complain about modern music down here

  • Gary MacMillan 10 months ago

    Where the streets have no name – Milton Keynes.

  • Melissa Heneghan 10 months ago

    Seeing this band live sent my endorphins into overdrive! The best live band ever no question.

  • carlos rios munoz 10 months ago

    Bonito,guapooooooooooooo,ViVa ESPAÑAAAAAAAAA

  • eduardo teran reyes 10 months ago

    booooooooooooooooooooooooo :V

  • fabianyoshi54 marquez 10 months ago

    the best band U2 forever

  • lastpirateslife 10 months ago

    god love 'em but they ain't no beatles. 😉

  • EdwardsOperation 10 months ago

    Big brother stamps his ugly boot on people's harmless attempts to bring a little joy into the world yet again…..

  • Monique Amado Life Coach & Artist 10 months ago

    I remember this. Those were the days…when music stopped the traffic and the crowd didn't erupt into violence, but just peacefully enjoyed being together listening to the greatest band of all time. <3

  • Gilles MATHIEU 10 months ago

    It's a playback LOL

  • צילי צילי 10 months ago


  • Jose Antonio Castillo Saba 10 months ago

    Oh darling oh my darling I wanna go there with you yeah…my band, U2