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Rare U2 Live on a roof at Dublin Video Rating: / 5 James Taylor – Up On The Roof (live) Related PostsJames Taylor – Up On The Roof (Live At The Beacon Theater)Boston Strong – Carole King & James Taylor – “Up on the Roof” – LIVELIVE Green – Green Roof InstallationMY ROOF IS FINISHED!!! I Can Finally Live Again!Justin Bieber – Boyfriend – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof (Melbourne, Australia)Justin Bieber – All That Matters – Live at Fox FM’s Hit The Roof (Melbourne, Australia)


Green Roofs


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  • iman mo 1 year ago

    U2 Rock SuperPower, leading all other rock stars since 90s like USA which leads other nations in the world

  • qurus666 1 year ago

    So not everything is goin'on  on O'connell street…..Happy days and really happy time… Going back to Eire….. :)

  • Daniel Grimes 1 year ago

    don't need it now!! now!!!!!

  • juan piña 1 year ago

    un gran video muy original y del mejor grupo de los ultimos treinta años

  • Ian Castro 1 year ago

    One of the greatest videos ever….

  • David Bell 1 year ago

    @jps3guyfromuk uuuuuuuufuckingtwooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! 

  • David Bell 1 year ago

    @LarsDrummer669 what the fuck ever

  • LarsDrummer669 1 year ago

    Beatles copycat… SO LAME!!!

  • Jese Orlando 1 year ago

    fukin sikk

  • Jamie Spiller 1 year ago

    I luv U2

  • lombmusic07 1 year ago

    This is on top of the Clarence Hotel. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  • Thiago Lima 1 year ago

    ai he pikas vey!

  • Adriano Lee 1 year ago

    aaww ! listening to this made me remember my old marantz.

  • Margaret Robichaud 1 year ago

    Beautiful song, great band, never a let down James!

  • Ondii 1 year ago

    i wonder where did james get that wonderful voice when he barely open his mouth when he sings!

  • Wagner jose santos 1 year ago

    Minha música favorita dele, o cara é demais!!

  • Yvonne Fazendin 1 year ago

    Just makes me feel soooooooooooooooo good lol….:)

  • mary ross 1 year ago

    i agree w  cajunsmack     lol

  • bekindunlimited 1 year ago

    Fantastic just fantastic 

  • lbandito1 1 year ago

    holy cow what a band! Steve Gadd, Mike Landau, Jimmy Johnson, and though I didn't see him, I think Larry Goldings is on keys. You can tell a lot about a musician by the company he keeps. The only lame thing is that this took place at a jazz festival. Gadd, Johnson and Goldings could play there with a multitude of other artists, and probably have. This is beautifully done, but it's not jazz. Thus is the state of music in the world. But I guess this has more business being there than Kenny G.

  • 1greeneagles2 1 year ago

    oh so,so sweet Been playing , hearing his music since he was just getting started, 1969, If , re-call….correct….thank you so very much…

  • pineappleguru1980 1 year ago

    Oh beautiful, one of my most favorite songs … you simply can't beat James Taylor and/or Carol King!! Thanks for uploading!

  • sdctx 1 year ago

    It's been a lifetime full of memories from James … we absolutely need to bottle every clip of this man at work!!

  • James Meyer 1 year ago

    A supreme talent with a great supporting band.

  • John Stephen Taylor 1 year ago

    "At night the stars put on a show for free . . ." Classic lyrics. That's why he survived heroin and Carly Simon. Talent, brilliance, persistence . . . That says it all.

  • plandver 1 year ago


  • tommy92tulipano 1 year ago

    @Michael Tabor two people prefer to go down in cellar!

  • Michael Tabor 1 year ago

    1 person was clumsy , fell OFF the roof and landed on the dislike button.

  • bekindunlimited 1 year ago

    you are a100% correct ..saw him recently and he is getting better with age its remarkable ….that voice …….its amazing after so many years sounds so good …he loves touring ..a fantastic professional ,a true legend like nobody else

  • Subie Gate 1 year ago

    One of my all time favorites and James and the band do such a great job on this live. His longevity while maintaining excellence is nothing short of incredible. He still tours like crazy.

  • Peter Custance 1 year ago

    My favourite James Taylor track by a long way. This guy sounds better than ever!