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Watch until the end – this kid will never have to do anything cool again in his entire life LOL This Is The 3rd Release Off Of My New Exclusive Beat Tape Titled “Sins Of A Feather” Please Like Share & Subscribe More Releases From “Sins Of A Feather” Dropping Soon. Feel Free To Share This Masterpiece! Also As Promised Here Is The Download Link: -uploaded in HD at Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsGrow w/ Grubby Cup Season #2 #75 July 14, 2015Learn Hymns on Guitar – In The Garden – Tablature and ChordsGuitar School GardenGuitar School GardenGreen Grid – Harlem ShakeHannah Harvesting Vegetables From The Garden July 27 | Homestead Kids

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  • bugiopudiogobiop 1 year ago

    Aye Brian its charles

  • Ultimately Elvis 1 year ago

    wonderful x

  • Boots The Monkey 1 year ago

    I know this kid! Congrats to him!

  • Anthony Giambusso 1 year ago

    BRIAN!!! OH MY GOD!!!! I KNOW HIM!!!! I Know him!

  • chubbygungan 1 year ago

    Just read your story in Wood & Steel mate, how awesome for you!!!

  • Evelyn Oliveira 1 year ago

    His face of joy is priceless

  • Bobby Leshinski 1 year ago

    You can't help but smile as you're watching this hahaha this is so great!!! Love stuff like this. Another cool video is when Billy Joel let a college student play New York State of Mind with him, ya'll should check out that video too. Thanks for sharing. U2 rocks and that kid did awesome!!

  • theo coeleveld 1 year ago


  • James McGilvray 1 year ago


  • k14ce2002 1 year ago

    12 people can't be happy for others it appears. Glad he got to jam with U2 and get the Taylor as well!

  • WickedAng43 1 year ago

    Excellent – So very cool!

  • Noah Page 1 year ago

    Damm, wish that was me…

  • Pyrethryn 1 year ago

    "Sorry Dallas."

  • Spoiled Rotten Great Dane 1 year ago

    Bono: "sorry Dallas" lol

    Congrats Brian; you are one lucky person.

  • Tony 1 year ago

    That kid held his own i would be shitting my pamts

  • Nick Ryan 1 year ago

    So jealous! Such a great moment. Glad to have been able to see. Thanks for posting!

  • HoCKeY PLaYa 1 year ago

    That kid Brian i know him he was in my health class and engineering class he's in my grade that's so cool that he got to play!!!

  • Mathew Smith 1 year ago

    See the joy in his face just playing. It made me smile so much to see a young U2 fan on stage with the lads. Good on you young yin.

  • loganwulfy 1 year ago

    Wow this is so awesome!!!!!

  • csh2155 1 year ago

    What a coool moment for him!

  • Oscar Apronti 1 year ago

    Great mix bruh!!

  • Acid Rap 1 year ago

    are we allowed to use this beat non profit?

  • BlackFriday RMG 1 year ago

    What's your email?

  • Pan Kracy 1 year ago

    Similar to "Hunger Of The Pine" by alt-J.

  • Dee Mugga 1 year ago

    who gets the prod. credits

  • Bennie D 1 year ago

    where can you lease this?

  • Nea D. 1 year ago

    This beat powerful man!

  • Gregory Wharton 1 year ago

    yeah its very different but fy

  • Kyzer Batiste 1 year ago


  • Joseph Peña 1 year ago

    tough beat bruh…