In this video, Kelly will teach you how to tie one of his favorite little sculpin patterns of all time: The Wooly Sculpin. This is a great pattern for those of you just getting into tying streamers, and one that relatively effortless to fish on a sinking line. The Wooly Sculpin is very similar to a sculpin pattern that was originally designed by Ed Shenk back in the 70’s, and Kelly simply put a hackle on it to fill out the body and removed the marabou wing he used to tie in behind the head. This fly has the ability to be fished in many different ways to imitate fleeing or injured sculpin, and you can easily add a conehead up front if you want this fly to get deeper in the water column or prefer to fish streamers on a floating line.

You can purchase individual Wooly Sculpins here:

Galloup’s Tan Wooly Sculpin Recipe:

Thread: GSP 100 White –

Hook: Dai-Riki 710 #2 –
Tail 1: 1 Plume of Cream Marabou –
Tail 2: 1 Plume of Tan/Brown MFC Barred Marabou –
Body: Tan Chenille or Ginger/White Variegated Chenille –
Hackle: Light Brown Neck Hackle or Ginger Strung Rooster Saddle-
Rib: Gold Ultra Wire ( Size: Brassie ) –
Head and Collar: Natural Deer Hair –
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Tying The Wooly Sculpin with Kelly Galloup

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  • Joseph Sullivan

    I noticed you can’t find the Dai-Riki 710 #2 hooks very easily. Is it a 3x long or 4x long shank? Also, what would be a good substitute?

  • Marilyn Illner

    Marilyn Illner
    Hello I am a 62 year old lady, newly retired and am teaching myself the art of fly tying. Out of all the tutorials online I'm really enjoying yours. I like the way you explain the use of equipment and materials. I live in the Interior of British Columbia Canada and most of your fly tying can be used here for our Rainbow Trout. Thanks and keep making the great videos.

  • Dave Woolever

    Kelly, the commentary is equally as entertaining as the informative tips and lessons. Im still ctfu from the ending when Mr Brown photobombs u. Thanks for all the great videos!

  • MoMo's Great Adventure Productions

    Just watching the Wooly Sculpin video… I too am a 64 y.o. tyer. The difference between me and the guy mentioned in the video is that I tied my first fly in my mid 30's. At the age of 40 I worked in England where I became a member of the Wessex Fly Tyer's Guild. Over the following years I became discouraged in terms of my ability to assimilate book fly tying instructions and stopped tying for long periods. My flies were and still are, not consistent and up to the standard of what one would find in a fly shop.

    While some folks may not appreciate the loads of tips and dialogue you give, Kelly, I DO appreciate it and have learned a great deal watching your videos. Not having those Wessex guys looking over my shoulder, I constantly run into problems handling materials and getting them on the hook correctly. I'm certainly hoping that either our local fly shop or our Cabelas will start some classes.

    The other issue I seem to always have is NOT having all the materials and/or hooks referenced in these videos. Living in NW Montana, there's only so much snow plowing one can do and I'm constantly looking for a new pattern to tie. It's sometimes frustrating not having the materials and the wife thinks I spend way too much on my hobby. Maybe a little more material substitution advice might help?

    Keep up the good instruction.

  • ScycoSnake

    Salmon siwash are really good hooks, my dad didnt like them for his spinners because they twirled around so much they missed a lot but on flies the hookup rate is crazy and they dont get off

  • Tim

    Hi Kelly. Thanks for mentioning Pennsylvania's Ed Shenk. The 1976 Garcia Fishing Annual also featured an article that he wrote about sculpins. I started fishing the streams that he wrote about in that article because I lived less than an hour from them. A few years later I got to know Ed when I joined the Trout Unlimited chapter where he was also a member. I learned to tie his sculpins, and they worked well for me on wild brown trout and smallmouth bass.

  • Carl Anglin

    Nice job! I really like the extra time you took to explain things more fully! I think I've learned more than watching two other people doing the same flit. Thanks for your time!

  • Kelly Phillips

    Thanks Kelly . I will be 54 years old this year and your video's show me how to purchase my fly rod ( Set-Up ) and all that good stuff. Now I want to try tying my own flies as time goes on. I learn by watching videos then reading books and magazine and such. Thanks again and please keep making videos ,…just so cool !

  • Tommy .Gibbons

    Hello Kelly and crew. What yall present is more than flytying, it's art, and first class. The subject matter, cripes, where do I start? Man, I dig it!

  • Lee Dzierzanowski

    Great video as always! I love the philosophy and genesis of the pattern and your clear concise explanations of what and WHY you are doing it!,

  • Robert Cole

    Love the pattern and will be building a few of these for some river/creek browns and smallmouth in Ontario. What I am most curious about is what vise you use/would recommend for a decent rotary set-up? Thanks.

  • Rich Plecker

    Great and simple pattern that will fish well! In thinking about it, this would be a good foundational video pattern to start with before someone goes messing with articulation wire, eyes, rubber legs and more complex flies. After watching your videos a couple years ago, I had to go back and correct some foundational flaws in my hair handling technique that I had learned and packed around since the 1980’s. Your video series this year far surpasses even your earlier videos- very well done guys!