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Summer time brings an array of locally harvested fruits and vegetables, and locally, one urban garden is producing quite a bit. Today on To Your Health, Catherine Hansen visits the early explorers group and tells us more about the benefits of gardening at a young age. Video Rating: / 5 Square Foot Gardening is a special type of gardening that is very intensive. You can plant more veggies in a smaller space than in a conventional garden. We planted our seedlings in our square foot garden approximately two months before this video update. Please note, we do live in southeastern Michigan, however, our gardens are really taking off! We found square foot gardening to be an excellent choice for us for the following reasons: 1. Excellent water retention: We take lots of mini-vacations in the summertime and usually come home to dried out, dead plants. But the special soil mixture retains water so well, it makes it possible for us to come home to thriving gardens. 2. Little to no weeding: I have not had to weed at all so far! What makes square foot gardening special is the following key elements: 1. Raised Beds: Garden box frames should be no wider than 4 feet x any length, and 6 to 8 inches deep. We opted for 3 x 6 raised beds. 2. Special Soil Mixture (Mel’s Mix): 1/3 coarse vermiculite 1/3 peat moss 1/3 blended compost 3. The Grid Grid – 1 foot by 1 foot grid (must be permanent)- On top of each frame place a permanent grid that divides the box into one foot squares. The grid is the unique feature that makes the whole system work so well. 4: Plant Spacing: Depending on the mature size of the plant, grow 1, 4, 9, or 16 equally […]

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  • Outbackbloke 4 years ago

    you could try putting an electric snail fence around your beds?

  • Paulette Hurt 4 years ago

    This is what I do in my garden, when my plants are being eaten by snails or slugs I recycle my egg shells by baking them on a cookie sheet @

  • Alecia Sorensen 4 years ago

    Peppers need to be started indoors about four weeks before your last frost if you live in the northern united states. There is a free method of slug/snail repellent sprinkle used coffee grounds around your plants to keep new slugs from moving into your garden. If you already have slugs or snails then make a circular barrier around your plant about an inch wide make sure there are no gaps, you want to do a circle big enough to surround any part of the plant that is touching the ground. Don't place the coffee ground ring closer than two inches to a stem else the slugs will reach over the grounds and climb the stem. Inside of the circular line as an extra precaution you can sprinkle more grounds right up to the stem. The best way to get used coffee grounds is to go to a local coffee shop in the morning and ask if they will collect the spent grounds for you to pick up shortly before they close, almost no shops will say no, Starbucks almost

  • 1q2w3e4r911 4 years ago

    First question: Did the pepper seed need to be imbibed first (pre-soaking in water)? Second questions: mollusks (snails and slugs). A plate with a little beer in it will kill them.?

  • Dick Lewis 4 years ago

    Green Peppers need fertilizer.

  • Frederick Dunn 4 years ago

    I like your square foot gardening setup… have you considered using "aged" chicken manure as fertilizer?

  • Kung Fu 4 years ago

    For the green peppers u are probably over watering they are ment to be grown in a dessert ?

  • Katie Madison 4 years ago

    Really, a square foot gardening is a great choice to adopt. If you deal with big or small home garden, you can choose this techniques to plant some veggie. Less space will be used and can get more output. So i think it will be a better idea to convert any home garden into square foot garden.?

  • Marvelous Marv 4 years ago

    Nice video. My sister and a good friend went to Michigan State!?

  • Posies Cottage 4 years ago

    in your hydroponics are you using a root accelerator? Though you have good soil, peppers sometime require a little hormone boost . You could try supper thrive, or a product called roots. There slow because your roots are not growing well. Good luck?

  • Steven Kroiss 4 years ago

    For your peppers, start them indoors and let the get to about 8-12" tall before moving them outside. That will help get them a good and strong start. (Maybe even start them in the aquaponics)

    As for the brocolli, it is a bug that comes out at night like the other commenter said. One thing that will help is watering the plant with compost tea. It will supercharge the growing of the plant and provide a natural protection from bugs.?

  • Vincent Andr 4 years ago

    for your pepper, we have the same issue here, keeps dying. our friends used our same seedling in a heavier soil and they are very good.

  • Daniel Riggs 4 years ago

    I can't type. I meant nice job.?

  • Daniel Riggs 4 years ago

    ice jo. You have a green thumb. I think you have rabbits in your yard.?

  • SSL Family Mom 4 years ago

    Here is our two-month video update of our square foot gardens.