Turn Your Gardening Hobby into a Job & Work from Home Growing Food

John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ Shows you how one man turned his permaculture gardening hobby into a business by growing food, selling plants, and helping others to do the same in West Palm Beach, Florida. FILMED BEFORE COVID in Jan.

In this episode, you will learn more about Connor and how he stopped working his full-time job, and now is living the American Dream working for himself, growing food for himself and helping others to do the same.

First, John will show you how much of a waste than having a lawn can be and why you should grow food instead of a lawn. You will discover many edible landscape plants you can grow that can provide food for you and your family in South Florida.

You will learn how one man’s hobby transformed into a business by easily growing extra plants for others and even installing edible gardens in Broward County near West Palm Beach, Florida.

You will learn about some of the more common perennial vegetables, and some less common ones. you will also learn about many different tropical fruits that can grow fast so you can eat off your fruit trees sooner rather than later.

You will discover why some crops are more valuable to grow than others, as well as get a full tour of the nursery and grounds that have been designed well. You will learn the best way to add organic matter to the sandy soil that occurs in Florida.

Finally, John will interview Connor, where he will share more about his journey of leaving his full-time job while starting his own business and helping others to grow food while growing food himself. You will also discover some of the easiest foods you can grow in South Florida.

After watching this episode you will learn how you can live the American dream by growing your own food, creating your own job, and helping others to do the same. You will also learn about the best fruits, vegetables, and other perennial edible plants you can grow to eat food from your yard instead of the grocery store.

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Turn Your Gardening Hobby into a Job & Work from Home Growing Food

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  • Joshua Burstein

    I've grown perennial vegetables in south Florida thanks to you and Pete Kanaris. I have a bunch of stuff from Connors nursery.

  • flyshacker

    John, I can’t tell you how much I have learned from your videos over the past several years. I think I started watching in 2014. We are growing tons of food mostly because of what we learned from you. Improved our diet. Have a Joraform because you recommended it, etc. Worm farm, etc. Biochar. Even the hose and sprayer you recommended one time. You’re changing the world, buddy. You’re making it happen. Hoping to catch you again here in Santa Rosa at the Heirloom show if they ever have it again. Best wishes.

  • T A

    You have certainly motivated collection of perennial edibles in Fort Myers FL. Planting something everyday is a goal I pursue.

  • ChRiStRiDa7

    Great video like always!
    Small organic farm in Eugene, Oregon here. Fern Ridge Farms- check us out! Greens and eggs.

  • ASMR LIFE REALITY M.figueroa

    U my sir are responsible for my raised beds all 12 of them from nothing to mega juicing . Micro herbs ty I hook the phone up to my TG to watch. All your shows. I’m trying to grow to sell or start to sell mid west FLORIDA

  • Rene Ramos

    Hey John I'm in South Miami-Dade County and have planted moringa, chaya, katuk, and longevity spinach after first hearing about them from you. Thanks, and keep on keeping on!

  • Shoal Nervo

    Imagine if every single house yard looked like that! Driving down the street you’d think you were in a jungle. And that’s a good thing.

  • Kraven Moorehead

    Brother I love these type vids that you do. I sit with a pen and paper writing down particular plants I want to get to know. It's a big help for me. I'm always learning something new from your channel. Not only that though but I get to see what others are doing within this life style. What their set up looks like and how they go about producing and maintaining it. I live in Ga. by the way within an HOA neighborhood so the stealthy plants are what I'm looking for 😉 Thank you and the people who allow you to do this. It does help others to learn and be more creative IMO. I just wish that there was an online network of people who sold their plants and seeds, such as Connor, for those of us looking to buy them other than having to buy from big box stores or more well known online nurseries or ebay. That would be kool.

  • Boyd Chapman

    Thanks for another great video John. I will definitely check out Conner's website. I love the compost your enemies shirt, shout out to David the Good. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Hector Rivera

    i have planted a lot of plants because of you thank you so very much john more power to you man keep on growing

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