Leftover cookie tins aren’t just for storing sewing supplies anymore. Watch Andrew and Dennis transform a cookie tin into a modern wall planter. See the links below for the best plants for this project!

Want to use real plants? Here’s 15 popular terrarium plants: https://www.hgtv.com/outdoors/gardens/garden-styles-and-types/15-popular-terrarium-plants-pictures?soc=yt

Low-maintenance houseplants we love: https://www.hgtv.com/outdoors/flowers-and-plants/houseplants/forgiving-houseplants-pictures?soc=yt

Discover more fun planter projects: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu6Cda37Us4&list=PLPBX4CwI7bw9eFbtAYdDxFrMDZYVfq-6i

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Turn Old Cookie Tins Into Wall Planters – HGTV Handmade

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  • Denise Weinke

    Wouldn’t this be cute with some Christmas tins? I could see all sorts of cute vintage stuff popping out from inside.

  • D H

    Go to your local Thrift Store to find old springform pans….I just looked online and HomeDepot want $40 for ONE of these…this is such a great idea…use fake cactus plants from DollarStore…they are super on trend right now…

  • Gladys Wallace

    I would use faux plants, I don't want to chance a mess or rotting of the wood or rusting of the cookie tin, thanks for the great idea guys!

  • Kelli King

    Ha!!! Love you guys!!! I have a green thumb. I love my plants, but I’m not opposed to having faux plants either. Cute idea and thanks for the tutorial.

  • MC Miller

    Definitely CAN relate on the plant killing situation. I gave up and switched to fake plants yeeeears ago. Best life choice I’ve ever made. For me and the poor plants that may have come into my possession otherwise.

  • Kelly Rosenfeld

    im a notorious plant killer but i have kept a sad spider plant at a constant three sprouts since august. he looks like a malnourished old man but hes still alive and thats all that counts

  • CouzCat

    I don't but my brother was sooooo bad with plants that I once gave him a ceramic cactus! What can I say, were a punny sarcastic family in a friendly way. Believe it or not , he – and his English wife – are now master gardeners. There's hope got you too.

  • Anne Argo-Davies

    Live plants have no chance, fux not so much either. Always seem to knock them off the wall or shelf. So I'm thinking clothes brush cause you know, dogs, and leashes next to the door. Poop bag's, and one for treat bags. A dog walker station!

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