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  • Tarik360 6 months ago

    I'd recommend putting conventional solar panels behind the wall for ease of maintenance.

  • Manu fm 6 months ago

    This is the first smart thing I've ever heard Donald say

  • brent847 6 months ago

    how about a solar  furnace  type  community  the furnace doesn't really care if the light comes from ground level or on a roof     throw in some ponds and possibly other innovations it might be a new type of town or city.

  • Jcurvs99 6 months ago

    This is what happens when business men get into Washington work gets done fast and effectively. The lazy politicians who don't want to work just want money and power would rather see the US rot

  • Grumpy Bear 6 months ago

    I frikin love trump

  • whykhr 6 months ago

    A crazy idea. These guys are including massive state & federal subsidies given only to Solar PV to pretend the crackpot scam is financially viable. You will have solar on the wrong side of the wall, far from load centers & transmission. With a Capacity Factor of only 15%, the transmission to far away load centers will have to be oversized by 7X, extremely expensive & ugly, with at least 10% line loss. Maintenance will be expensive, you have to clean those solar panels, stuck on top of a high wall with birds crapping on them and insects & debris settling on them.

    Solar is 4x the cost of much cleaner and reliable nuclear energy and 6x the cost of gas, since Trump don't care about emissions anyway, why waste money on solar, and Mexicans can take out their frustrations by shooting out the solar panels or stealing them. The solar panels will be on the south face. And after 18-25 yrs the solar panels are finished and have to be decommissioned and replaced. The cost of the money wasted on the solar will greatly INCREASE the cost of the wall. Trump is beginning to sound more and more like the champion Spin Doctor of all time, Obama. Invent nutty scams that sound good to gullible fools in order to sucker them into believing in crackpot energy schemes, like Obama's wacky Clean Power Plan, which actually INCREASES emissions.

    If Trump REALLY wanted to make green energy, skip the nutty solar, and get the NRC to fast-trak approval for Nuscale's small modular nuclear reactors, US made clean energy, not solar panels imported from China. 24/7, night/day, sunny/cloudy, rain/shine/volcanic eruption/sand storm reliable power that lasts for 60-100 yrs not 18-25yrs. Check out nuscalepower d0t c0m /smr-benefits and see thorconpower d0t c0m /design as examples.

  • YorktownUSA 6 months ago

    Okay democrats, tell you what… we'll make it green. Sound good?

  • jaywil 6 months ago

    Money saved from Paris Accord can go to this. Why put up solar panels in another country when you can do it here. Or is climate change only happening in certain parts of the world now lol

  • MA GA 6 months ago

    and cut foreign aid to mexico

  • Ivo Krauksts 6 months ago

    It's hilarious. You might not want a wall. But if you vote for solar panels on a wall. You still need a wall to have the solar panels put on it. 😀

  • Lee Harvey 6 months ago

    it is a good idea but I thought trump didn't believe in global warming calling it a hoax. why the solar panels then? just to get the left to go for it apparently. hypocrite

  • Tom Cyr 6 months ago

    Don't we need the Paris agreement?
    Uhhh fuck no !!!!

  • PartyTyme1000 6 months ago

    If Trump get the Wall up, 2020 is almost a granted a win.

  • James Comer 6 months ago

    Solar panels to power the automatic targeting sentry guns and cameras. Excellent!

  • DrewRT2B 6 months ago

    Also with the people who your building the wall through their property you could kick back some energy to them too!

  • Paul Newman 6 months ago

    This is not a bad idea. Keep illegals out plus solar power.

  • Stephen 1982 6 months ago

    Great idea… Trump is a business man. It's going to be hard for the liberals to say no to this which makes it even better.

  • Loren Couch 6 months ago

    bad idea, don't try to make energy out there more than what's needed to run the wall security systems.

  • tanst99fl 6 months ago