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  • TheEmptynester

    Hi, Mark. I am glad that works well for you. It is just easier for me to ow and bag the grass to use as a mulch. it does break down. But, maybe 3 time I re do it. It has been too wet to accomplish much this year.

  • Gordon Booth

    good sickle plus technique you will be surprised how much can get done! great for around tree's and posts etc with no damages unlike weed eater. So glad you bought one and look forward to following video with. (All videos excellent teaching.) Thanks again…

  • codygillespie

    I can find used 3 point sickle bars for $300 to $400 all the time here in the midwest. Im wondering for your watermelon field why not just roll/crimp the rye? Seems like it will take much longer and much more effort to cut it with what your using. Is there some advantage you have found with cutting over rolling?

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