In this video I show exactly how the parts are assembled to create everything needed before your root chamber for a true high pressure aeroponic system. We are selling True HPA parts again on our website Understanding the basics of the parts needed and which direction they go together will help you in developing your own aeroponic system.

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True HPA system parts. Quick overview of how to assemble a high pressure aeroponic system.

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  • Turbo Turd

    So how long is the pumps duty cycle with say 6 misters?
    I get its application specific, but ive watched a few vids and roughly have a formula.

    1:4 ratio in a 12hr period @ 5Litres… e.g. say every 12 hours, I cycle exactly 5 litres of nutrient in the 50-75 psi range. Then a 20L tank ( bladder 50% volume or 10L maybe, whatever??) but using the (1:4 ratio of nutrient to tank size), will give roughly a 50% duty cycle in any 24hr period. Eg pump wont turn on to re-pressure tank in any 12 hr period.

    Would this be around right from your experiences? Or am I way off?

    Trying to setup a solar driven pump (on only during the day), but enough accumulation pressure to get me through the night, and dont know what tank to get. My cycle is 5L every 12 hours. Thoughts? Also how noisy is that pump compared to say the smaller "chinese" self regulating pumps?

  • Dr Skyhook

    How far should the check valve be from the pump? The pump shuts off if I close the tank, but stays on if the tank is open. It was shutting off before.

  • Neil Kazimierz Sheridan

    I have a question about accumulator tanks! I was a bit worried about using a steel tank, since in event of it going over-pressure it will explode. Have you tried using a nylon accumulator tank like this one I know it's quite small, but I only want to make a small system for using in the kitchen to grow microgreens! Thanks!

  • ZeTugz

    Amazing video man thanks for telling me to check it out. I have this layout myself but its great for a video to go through it linearly. What do you think of mounting your expansion tanks upside down?

  • Danielle Costantino

    Have you ever had pump damage from the oscillating pressure at the check valve right after the pump?

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