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When growing plants in containers and hydroponic systems the grower is responsible for all food the plants receive. If the grower does not know exactly what’s in the plants medium the plant could show countless signs of deficiencies. From understanding the differences between over fed and under fed plants to knowing how to fix complex plant problems Matt is here to explain some things he thinks might be useful when your plants just don’t look happy. We grow four big hydroponic plants under the same grow light. Three in 5 gallon fabric pots filled with coco coir and perlite, and one in a Grodan Unislab — stonewool. Now you can find out how they turned out! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to Clone any plant for hydroponic or regular gardeningAquaponics Rocks ( Growing Medium ) Wash Install Plant – $40 Aquaponics – Barrelponics Made EasyHow to Flush you Hydroponic or Soil PlantsHydroponic Vs Soil Experiment – 6 Weeks Growth ComparisonGrowing Plants Without Soil: Hydroponic GardeningTaking Plants from Soil to Hydroponic (DWC) for Overwintering

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  • Kooj c 1 year ago

    Great video ad usual Matt. thanks for sharing

  • 199113Quinn 1 year ago

    Lovely consistent information. Solid

  • mr. discskyz 1 year ago

    I've been busting my head trying to figure out how to flood a table from the top. Please help

  • Ronmiester R 1 year ago

    how do you get up under canopy to treat for bugs when it grows dense and is in a trellis net

  • Crysmatic 1 year ago

    if you top feed rockwool, there is never a need to flush…because every fertigation rebalances the cube…five times daily.

    also, why a mini slab instead of putting the plug directly into a hugo? it may have performed better in the ebb and flow with the other pots.

  • InnocentPhoto 1 year ago

    Would you rather use a Soil Mix Root pouch easy2grow gravity feed system, or a top feed system. Both with a organic nutrient mix. I cant decide, what to try next.

  • DeRien8 1 year ago

    Cat-ion, not "cayshun" as in vacation. As a professional, it makes you sound less knowledgeable. Whereas with a hobbyist without chemistry experience there's no need to quibble.

  • Zack Osborn 1 year ago

    I know you gave a disclaimer on everything here being anecdotal in terms of results, but your enhanced yield seems to be more of a result of your rock-wool plant being in the front, your video shows the rock-wool plant receiving more light from the side and air-flow as well (and you subconsciously fawning over it more during the growing process). Your logic that the smaller root-ball indicates more yield because it doesn't need to look for nutrients sounds like a classic case of correlation is not necessarily causation. My understanding that the larger the root-mass the bigger the straw to draw up nutrients, commercial industry prefers rockwool not for yield but efficiency and ease-of-transplant and square footage utilization.

  • prashant kumar 1 year ago

    of-course u r on right path,n u already fined its meaning,that y we r getting light from u to knw whats our lifes meanings
    awesome info n tutorian,

  • Niko Russo 1 year ago

    where are the roots? I see people growing huge plants producing heavy buds in 6x6x6 rockwool. How is this possible if there is not much for root growth?

  • komalthecoolk 1 year ago

    What's the point of the net when those plants are not climbers?

  • Eric Jensen 1 year ago

    Everest! How are you doing today? I'm building another grow room. I want to use 4 1000w DE lights in a 13×9.5x7ft tall flower room. I want to run a sea of green grow because of the short ceilings. I was thinking a top feed system to 4 4foot flood trays.
    What would you do?!

  • Scott Matthew 1 year ago

    Right on

  • Jason Livingston 1 year ago

    Where is the video on flushing?

  • CompuOtter 1 year ago

    Great vids…just FYI it's Cat-eye-on, as in ionic not "kayshun". Ions, anions, cations. Keep up the good work!

  • Xanode 1 year ago

    why are you not growing cannabis?

  • bryantubing 1 year ago

    Just picked up six 6" hugo blocks for some E&F and this makes me feel pretty good about my decision. :)

  • Rick Haynes 1 year ago

    grodan rep

  • HIGROWMEDICINAL 1 year ago

    great vid!

  • Steve Porter 1 year ago

    sounds like your reading from a book ,and u talk to fast and not teaching us anything that way.

  • Phil (StarvingEmoKid) 1 year ago

    Your videos are great! Good job.