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  • Pure Living for Life 1 week ago

    If you're building a standing seam roof, do your research and read the details VERY carefully. The company has communicated with us that they feel fairly confident their product will hold on our SPECIFIC roofing because of the parallel female rib even though it has a nailing fin underneath. The male rib on our panels is not parallel and our concern is that this bracket may not be trustworthy for our SPECIFIC roofing. We weren't interested in $4000 and a couple weeks with our roof unfinished to find out. As you'll see in their instructions many different standing seam rib designs exist and not all are compatible with their brackets.

  • Erick Leyva 1 week ago

    If you use the inside of an old couch cushion and wet it a little and sit on it you won’t slide. Old Roofers trick

  • James Keller 1 week ago

    Havent read all the comments but two small sleds would allow you to sit on one an move the other youd just have to mke the runners longer verticaly or maybe feet with a gap that can straddle the seam

  • David Rush 1 week ago

    the guy with the boom you on a rope he can get you there

  • CALVIN L. NIKONT 1 week ago

    Put some slots in the ridge sled so it's supported by the roof instead of the seams.

  • Neal Cleary 1 week ago

    You have a Plumbing vent Stack Where does it come thru the roof?

  • Neal Cleary 1 week ago

    OK by your Garden, It looks like it is august out there, and I am seeing this 1 Nov. I am trying to guess if you will make it into the house before winter. Any way you could date the videos as when they were Made? That would help you in later years to remember when what was done.

  • david maupin 1 week ago

    what if you put your chickin later in the man lift

  • FAB Online, LLC 1 week ago

    You already have the tools available to do this. Use the fork-lift/man-basket to anchor the ladder and move along the roof. I would also attach a line to the backhoe on the other side for my PPE. You probably already thought of this before you read my suggestion.

  • David Oyama 1 week ago

    This one looks difficult and dangerous ! Maybe have a crane which will cost a lot and have you hang down from it while you install the ridge cap ? Or maybe have Bugaboo climb up there since cats have nine lives ? Ha ha just some comic relief . Not sure what you should do ? Thanks !

  • CLINTON WHITE 1 week ago

    LOVE the music you are using at the end of the video at 24:40 can you tell me what it is please ?

  • Paul Koomen 1 week ago

    This May sound silly, But how high does your lift go? Make a diving board from you man basket, and lie down on it make it a wide as you need, that way you can move side ways a bit, and then move the lift over. Do it from the side off the house almost like you panel lift system you made, You get where I am going with this.

  • Patti Husk 1 week ago

    I can’t believe the thinking process that has to happen for each process of anything you guys have to do….no wonder you’re exhausted!!!

  • Ryan Vertein 1 week ago

    Solution, build a ladder with a ladder-hook. You'll need 2 so you can move down the roof. It will put you face to face with the ridge cap for easy access. Use 2×4 sliders under the ladder as a standoff so it will go over the ridge cap. You don't seem to mind building contraptions to meet your needs so this weill be right up your alley.

  • ChuckR 1 week ago

    Drill a hole in the venting plastic that matches up with the screw heads. Install the venting high enough so the 1 inch ear covers the venting strip. Not that big of a deal.

  • David J. Kester 1 week ago

    you potting two up their is that right. look like one bind making it 90 would let you us the air part.

  • Neal Cleary 1 week ago

    Ridge Cap Al Den-tee Sounds like Dinner is served!

  • John Clamshell SP 1 week ago

    Don't be shocked if you have no cell service in that house. Metal roofs act as signal shields for cell phones.

  • Dale Marshall 1 week ago

    Would have been better to put on the regular vented ridge cap first. Then your panels are inserted into the ridge cap at the top. You put an upward bend at the top of the panel before it slides into the ridge cap.

  • Tim Berry 1 week ago

    Jesse, You may have already found a solution to the problem but if not—- I would scab on to the fascia and then step up brace above the drip edge to give a ladder stop, much as you used before with the cleat as when you moved across the roof. You could use the makeshift ladder supported from the bottom just not hook in the peak anymore.

    All you need is access from one side this should give you a working surface below the peak and be much safer. I know of very view wifes that would have run the roofing like yours! Best of Luck – Tim B.