Added by on 2016-06-13 Tropical Plants – Plumeria Flowers In Chicago – Plant Hardiness Zone 5. Video of flowering Plumerias, Frangipani, grown year-round in Chicago, plant hardiness zone 5 — by Bob Walsh, author of ‘How To Grow Plumeria — Frangipani Anytime Anywhere!’. These plumeria flowers are the result of growing plumeria plants from seeds, unrooted cuttings and rooted plants. Plumeria plants not only make wonderful tropical plants for outdoors during the warmer months of the year but are also beautiful indoor flowering tropical plants during the colder months provided with proper growing conditions. Petals of plumeria flowers range from wide to narrow and elliptical to oval with pointed, rounded or tapering tips. In addition the petals of plumeria, frangipani flowers may be highly, moderately, slightly overlapped, or not overlapped at all. The wide variety of colors for plumeria flowers include gold, orange, pink, rainbow, red and yellow, to name a few. Plumeria, frangipani flowers are known for their exquisite frangrances which include citrus, coconut, gardenia, jasmine and many more. Tropical Plants – Plumeria Flowers In Chicago – Plant Hardiness Zone 5. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts1930′ Chicago Pneumatic Power Plant Engine Start and RunGreen wall design with artificial plants, artificial hedge and artificial flowersPlant Chicago, NFPChicago plant aquaponicsPlant Chicago Farmers MarketPlant Chicago | A PrimePay Client Story

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  • Julie Tran 1 year ago

    I Bob, I love this flower so much, I would like to purchase this kind of flower for my garden, I was wondering is this flower can live outside? is it perennial? or annual? do you know? I live in Maryland. Please let me know, so I can purchase this beautiful plant .  Thank you so very much.

  • Adrian Popa 1 year ago

    it's not a zone 5 plant !

  • TheCombineLover 1 year ago

    I love the all-yellow flowers.

  • Cynthia Bellwood 1 year ago

    Beautiful video and plants! Love it. Bob! ♥

  • Bob Walsh Plumeria Care 1 year ago

    Hi Joy,

    Thank you very much!

    May I ask you to email me a picture of the tree you call Sycamore.



  • Joy Lwanga 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for your video. The Plumeria plants are beautiful. Good work.
    Here in Uganda we call them sycamore trees. Is it the same.

  • Debra Potter 1 year ago

    kenny potter of new rochelle ny gives it thumbs up 

  • Vinienne S 1 year ago

    Ohhh Robert I Want U To
    SSS too!!!!
    Always in the Mood 

  • FzSBLACKMAGICK 1 year ago

    Damn!!! I cannot believe his voice is STILL that F*()ing good!!!

    A living legend…and for me…THE best damn singer there ever was….

    Ya know, there are those that like to sing and those that LOVE and LIVE to sing…

    …little Robert Anthony is such a one…

  • Anass Nouli 1 year ago

    can't wait until june 5th ; welcome to MOROCCO

  • P Piotryd 1 year ago

    This really kick ass! Rock God Robert will live forever!

  • Yeecha1 1 year ago

    ever , ever good !

  • Ansis Jeka-bsons 1 year ago

    1. Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

    2. In the Mood

    3. Tin Pan Valley

    4. Spoonful (Howlin’ Wolf)

    5. Black Dog

    6. Another Tribe

    7. Going to California

    8. The Enchanter

    9. Talking-drum interlude

    10. What is and What Should Never Be

    11. Fixin' to Die (Bukka White)

    12. Whole Lotta Love


    13. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down

    14. Rock and Roll

  • Jimmy G 1 year ago

    This was one of the best concerts I've seen in my

  • Lukasz Mazurek 1 year ago


  • Robert Morgan 1 year ago