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Vining plants can be trained to grow on a trellis to increase plant density. This year I’ve replaced my self-watering totes with a nice SIP raised bed. This allows me to construct a much better trellis system for my vegetables! Here are some basic garden / trellis supplies that I’ve found to be indispensable: – Twine Plant Clips: (Amazon) – Jute Cord: (Amazon) – Polyester Netting: (Amazon) – 4-Way Tee PVC Fitting: (Amazon) – PVC Coated Welded Wire: (Amazon) – Green Stretch Tie: (Amazon) – Turnbuckles: (Amazon) – 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel Wire: (Amazon) – 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel Wire: (Amazon) I’ve been diligently pruning and training annual veggies to grow up several plant support systems. They’re going vertical, greatly increasing yield within a small space. This includes beans, peas, spaghetti squash, cantaloupe and even watermelon! I’m also training fruit bearing perennials using various trellis and espalier techniques. My vining or espalier plants include air potatoes, passion fruits, currants, plums, Asian pears and a hardy kiwi. In this video we take a closer look at how fence posts, U-posts and T-posts can be used for plant training in your edible landscape or backyard orchard. They can be combined with polyester netting, galvanized wire, welded wire or lattices. Some systems will support more weight than others. Some will last much longer. They may be used to for aesthetics, creating a nice privacy screen. Or they may be barely visible, allowing plants to grow unobstructed. Growing in conventional raised beds can be highly productive. But many veggies perform even better in self-watering beds and containers. When combined with effective trellising, you’ll be amazed at how many vegetables you can squeeze into a small space! We’ve finished harvesting a bumper crop of strawberries. We’ve […]

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  • deb5700 10 months ago

    How do you do your tomatoes?

  • mrsslop922 10 months ago


  • Rob Rob 10 months ago

    Excellent yard! What state are u in??

  • Lake Erie Railways 10 months ago

    Would blueberries be good to grow in a 5 gallon bucket?

  • whatinspiresu 10 months ago

    just wow. Your vegetables are beautiful and super healthy. I actually have welded wire and u-posts in my backyard, I'm definitely trying this! Been reading about intensive crop farming in small spaces. This fits right in. Already following your other videos… started my seeds in worm castings/compost/pine needles under T5s. Day 4 and everything sprouted. Im psyched about that mix because it's healthy and from what I see in your videos, it works! I'm definitely starting a worm bin like yours with whatever wood I have laying around, how simple! Best part…. all of your ideas so far will basically be free. 😀 THANK you so much for sharing them.

  • Your neighbors must LOVE you! BTW I am loving your ring and watch at 1:02. NICE!

  • Dennis Burgett 10 months ago

    Fantastic video. Thank you! Many great ideas.

  • Matt Garver 10 months ago

    So many good ideas, and excellent tour of your garden. A couple takeaways would be the PVC support for container sweet corn, and the microclimate hot house for the other sweet corn that appears to be using a foundation window for supplemental heat.

  • Moe Fanta 10 months ago

    geting ready for the season got seeds in the ground hope you are too soon , great video and great garden god bless from Coral springs south florida

  • godidakrumper 10 months ago

    You are very industrious providing each plants a trelis.

  • Tara Walker 10 months ago

    Beautiful garden!

  • Linda Johnson 10 months ago

    This was a fabulous video! I loved seeing how to make supports out of PVC piping. I’m curious as to where you live – what zone? How big is your corn bed? You truly have a great setup for intensive gardening.

  • Treesa Michael 10 months ago

    What do you call that clips and where do you get it from.

  • teena neuner 10 months ago

    you really explained everything detail. i like the fact that you take the time to show the pros and cons of the things you have there. i can certainly see how a few changes in our gardening could make a huge difference. thanks.

  • anthony 10 months ago

    Great techniques and ideas! How do you, or would you, attach a pvc trellis to a tote? As you’ve said, they can become brittle and crack. Currently renting and cannot permanently affix anything. Awesome channel!

  • CSFLMICH 10 months ago

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience, you are an inspiration for sure! Subscribed!

  • hooperwille 10 months ago

    what's going on with your neighbour? There are bunch of cars and tires scattered around the property.

  • Susan Erickson 10 months ago

    Loved your Video ~ it was really helpful and well done. Thank you

  • kukana228 10 months ago

    So Great! So much excellent, helpful information. Thank you.

  • One of my favorite channels. You are actually doing the things I'm only thinking of.

  • Be And It Is Homestead 10 months ago

    Your space looks good

  • Sapper Gardener 10 months ago

    Always love seeing father and son time in the garden. Good luck with the squash. Looking forward to the updates.

  • Nunya Bizness 10 months ago

    No advice on the squash, but your son is adorable! Enjoy that age, it goes by so fast. 🙂