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Asian massage parlours are fake (just like her accent). She is an overweight american who wishes she was Filipino. And ends up looking ridiculous. Related Posts2016 Bright Ideas winner Sandy Summerlin explains the “Elevated Garden” student projectThe Asian Kid Gamer – Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden WarfareAsian Vegetable GardenOfficial Promo Video – Asian RoofingScump explains why he will never get dropped from team!Why We Have Aquaponics at The Plant – Plant Chicago, NFP Explains

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  • Trent M 3 weeks ago

    this girl is a fucking moron

  • Bruce B 3 weeks ago

    this is Ocasio-Cortez's sister

  • machinegunmcgurn45 3 weeks ago

    Thumb bitch,

  • The Sheepdog 3 weeks ago

    But don’t people pay with cash? Lmaooo

  • little panda 3 weeks ago

    this girl is crazy walla lol theres no horse hhaha

  • John Doe 3 weeks ago

    Just suck it whore n swallow

  • HellRehab 3 weeks ago

    If you bring in your car remote they could probably raid your car for info.

  • Tyler McCloud 3 weeks ago

    Pers og ol we gib u aids so touché…

  • sean n 3 weeks ago

    I still want to be in her

  • rip itup 3 weeks ago

    I would love too give her this big dick.

  • Phillip Mcnichol 3 weeks ago

    How much for a facial? All I do is green cash, Ho. lol

  • Baker gx Mayfield 3 weeks ago

    Omg sounds like my mom annoying ass Filipino accent

  • White Noise 3 weeks ago

    This is why we bring Cash Bitch !!!

  • Max Power 3 weeks ago

    Smart? A whore is "smart"??? LMBO

    That's why real men don't get with WHORES.

  • Bustavegas 3 weeks ago

    and then u go to prison.. amazing speech lol

  • David Crisostomo Jr. III 3 weeks ago

    hahhaa a lot of sex maniacs r butthurt here…she's just goofing around n warning u at the same time that it is possible to happen not just in asia but everywhere espexially in the you es of ey LMAO!!!!

  • timbmd 3 weeks ago

    Stupid girl, but I like her happy nature.

  • Dean Coysh 3 weeks ago

    Suck my dick slut

  • Straw Hat Jimmy 3 weeks ago

    I guess I’ll just have to leave everything besides cash