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Come with us on a road trip as I visit Angelica’s garden. In this episode, we help her transform an unusable cement space into a vegetable garden. CaliKim Fall Garden Seed Collection: Thanks to Smart Pots for partnering with us on this episode. Pick up Smart Pots fabric containers for 10% off with code “calikim” at Get a discount on some garden products below and support our channel when you shop through the following links – much appreciated! 1. CaliKim Seed Collections: embroidered 2. 5 gallon Smart Pots fabric container: 3. Smart Pots 6 foot big bag long raised bed: 10% off with code “calikim” at 4. Good Dirt Potting Mix, plant food: 10% off (for a limited time) with code “calikim10” at 5. Vermisterra Worm Castings, Worm Tea: 10% off with code “calikim” at 6. Seed starting supplies: 7. Garden fertilizers: 8. Garden disease and pest control: 9. Grow Lights: 10. Garden Tools: 11. Amazon lawn & garden supplies: 12. Amazon general search page (bookmark this one!): 13. Table top indoor grow light w bulbs (Ferry Morse): 14. Shade cloth: 15. Peat Pellets Large (50mm)- 35 count: , 150 count: Medium (42Mmm) 50 count:, 100 count: Small (36mm): FREE growing guide “Grow 3 Vegetables in 6 Weeks”:  My EBooks: -eBook “Growing 5 Warm Weather Vegetables Made Easy” -Garden Coloring Book RELATED VIDEOS: A Busy Young Mom’s Journey From “I Have No Clue” to “I’m Growing Veggies!” // CaliKim on the Road #1: Angelica’s Garden Expansion: SUBSCRIBE: WHERE TO FIND ME: Garden Blog, Seed Shop: Instagram: Facebook Page:… Gardening Coast2Coast Facebook Group:… Pinterest: FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: Video […]

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  • CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY 11 months ago

    Get discounts on some garden supplies below and support our channel when you shop through the following links – much appreciated!
    – CaliKim Seed Collections:
    -. Smart Pots 6 foot big bag long raised bed: 10% off with code “calikim” at
    -Good Dirt Potting Mix, plant food: 10% off (for a limited time) with code “calikim10” at
    -Vermisterra Worm Castings, Worm Tea: 10% off with code “calikim” at
    -Seed starting supplies:
    -Garden fertilizers:
    -Garden disease and pest control:
    -Grow Lights:
    -Garden Tools:
    -Amazon lawn & garden supplies:
    -Amazon general search page (bookmark this one!):
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  • Shining Diamond Stables 11 months ago

    how do you know how much sun each area gets

  • Wm Cottrell 11 months ago

    Great job!!

  • Brhtu Seasonone 11 months ago

    got no soil around…nice to bump into ur content…

  • Julie Kooiker 11 months ago

    This is just great!!!!

  • Carlos Martinez Olmo 11 months ago

    There in no way that garden is going to last. The palm three and pine trees are going to invade the garden and soon everything is going to stop growing. Every time we make a garden we have to study the surroundings. My neighbors palm trees destroyed all my raised beds.

  • Yislin Castellanos 11 months ago

    I am so excited to have watched this video. I am growing seedlings indoors using the MIGardner $10 garden kit. I am 4 days in and seeing little sprouts so I'm super proud of my seeds progress thus far. Watching this video has given me lots of confidence to continue. I just love that Angelica is a regular girl, like me and is growing her very own veggies! I live in Miami, Florida so I can't wait to see how my seeds grow. Thank you for all your very informative videos and advice. I plan to grow my garden in smart pots. The soil in my yard is dreadful. Seeing how much Angelica can grow in a 6 foot bed is exciting. Angelica, your garden looks incredible and I am so excited for you! I love that you utilized things around the house. I also love that you are doing hula. What a beautiful dance! Best wishes and happy gardening!

  • isabela camilar 11 months ago

    hi, i have a little garden just like angelika`s garden "a lot of cement" i was thiking to cut a little but it will cost me a lot of money,so i decided to do something like this but i will use heavy shopping bags.i hope it will work!

  • Rodrigo Banuelos Gonzalez 11 months ago

    I love how Angelica mentions that it’s not as time consuming as she though and that she makes it a point to make time to do what she needs in the mornings before her day gets busy…garden therapy comes at us in different ways and this way is my favorite and the bonus is we get veggies from it 🙂 Great video you guys and way to go Angelica, you gardener you 😀

  • bintlooda 11 months ago

    Btw she is a natural In front of the camera xoxox

  • bintlooda 11 months ago

    Nice small garden I love it. But what do u mean she has no space ? I see a lot of space actually in her garden lol !

  • Tericia Anderson 11 months ago

    I am both enjoying and admiring your garden and especially loved the pineapple plant as I would love to grow them in my someday green house in Michigan. I wanted to share that I garden in the same kiddie pools as the pink one leaning against your wall. I use a pitch fork to poke holes in the bottom, fill with composted leaves and kitchen scraps and the results are fun and amazing. This year we had volunteer roma tomatoes like crazy and muskmelon and butternut squash. I also grew peas, beets, even carrots too. I live in town and some of my kiddie pools are in the front yard, just a few feet off the street. So many people would walk by the check out my gardens, call out to us to admire them and talk about how they could garden that way themselves.

  • Hazel Holmes 11 months ago

    Your so kind and helping

  • Enrique Gonzalez 11 months ago

    Angelica you are going to love the kohlrabi! The stems and leaves are great for juicing or cooking and the bulbs you can peel them and eat them in salads. Collard greens are also great in winter because the white moth doesn’t get to them like in the summer, make sure to try to plant one of those! I haven’t planted cabbage because I never made space for it but I would like to try a red cabbage next time.

  • HABIB REHMAN 11 months ago

    I will call it "smart Gardening " ( m i right Cali Kim???) i m doing the same these days with my sweat peace /elephant garlic / Hot Chillies !!!

  • Carley Smith 11 months ago

    Very cool! Hopefully we get to see the results. Great planting!

  • vicente40melo 11 months ago

    Muito legal o abacaxi no vaso, também tenho. Very cool the pineapple in the pot, i have too.