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Education is key to a more sustainable future but learning can be far more fun than just sitting in a classroom being spoon fed information. Rather than being passive, all of us, at whatever age, can become lifelong learners by doing. This is learning by immersion and it is transformative! Permaculture projects across the UK and all over the world are teaching children and adults how to create regenerative systems through living examples of land stewardship, appropriate technology and healthy food. Embercombe in Devon is a rural example of living with the land. They feel strongly about land based learning, and teach visitors a wide range of practical skills as well as how to become effective community leaders and change makers. Offshoots in the city of Burnley is an award winning urban example. On one acre of land, they run courses on bee keeping, farming & breeding, renewable technologies, food growing, woodland management and blacksmithing. More than a course venue, Offshoots are visionary pollinators of ideas in their community and offer opportunities for volunteering and skill sharing at every level. —– Narrated by campaigner, writer and amateur naturalist Brigit Strawbridge | Produced by Permaculture People | for Permaculture magazine | Logo designed by HIP Permaculture | Camera Mihali Moore | Additional footage kindly shared by Jan Gerhards | Nick Gordon | Huckleberry Films | For more information about Offshoots | For more information about Embercombe | —— Living with the Land | The Films Living with the Land’ is a series of nine short online films free to view and distribute. Produced by Permaculture People for Permaculture magazine the films showcase the people and projects in the UK designing ecologically sound and regenerative land based practices. The films will be […]

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