I get questions from beginning gardeners sometimes. One question that I hadn’t thought much about was….”how do I train cucumbers to climb a trellis?”
This just shows how to get them to start up a trellis. Once they are started, they pretty much take it from there.

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Training Cucumbers or Squash to Climb a Trellis – Trellising 101.

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  • UT33200

    Just move it to where it should be and trust the process. Good info. I have micro managed these before too much and too little to both ends. That stringing idea is a good one as well. Thanks for the share!

  • My Hillside Garden

    Thanks Jim for the tips on how you get your cucumbers and squash to climb. I do, more or less the same, here at my hillside garden. This year most of them will be going up the chain link fence. Have a great evening! Catherine

  • Blues Dirt

    I had to use steel wire because of the squirrels and found out that the cucumbers hate the rust . In spots they use their leaf to protect the tendril when they wrap it around the wire . Smart plants .

  • Charlie

    The first time I saw cucumbers climb I had planted them close to a chain link fence! Pumpkins watermelons and , cantaloupe will do the same, but you have to support the fruit, T shirts from Good will work well for this now days you can buy boxes of rags which are generally cut up T shirts which should work also .

  • CB's Greenhouse and Garden

    Great how to video Sir! I like to help my cukes along by unrolling the tendrils and rapping them on the panel making them go where I want them to run. Fixing to start a few more seeds as one of our racks have started petering out on us. Rene has been super busy making pickles this year no doubt. Thanks for the info here buddy. Keep up the great work and have a great day!

  • O.L. Steger

    Mine are climbing my tomatoes as well. Next year I'm gonna use a trellis. I think it will make them easier to find when they are ready. I you let them just run on the ground you have the possibility of not finding some of them until they are big and yellow. Nice vid, really helpful…cheers O.L. !!!

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