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Preview of “Train Kit” by Stripey Design. Train Kit lets kids build immersive little train worlds, which is great fun! ▶️ App Download (iPad iPhone): 🚄 (iTunes) Features: – Add track tiles which snap together in a grid – Tunnels and bridges – Switching tracks allow your trains to take different routes – Drop trains and carriages onto your track – Create your own unique train by mixing carriages together – Simple train controls allow you speed up, slow down or reverse your trains – Adding scenery and building objects brings your world to life 💖 Thanks for watching! 😊 ✍️ Subscribe our YouTube channel: 😀 Find more top apps for children: ▶️ More top educational Apps for kids: ▶️ More iPhone/iPod Apps for kids: ▶️ More iPad Apps for kids: ▶️ More Android Apps for kids: ▶️ Featured Apps & Games for Kids: ▶️ Free Apps & Games for Kids: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsChildrens Learn Garden Chores with Sweet Baby Clean Up 4 | Education Game for Kids Play & LearnLong kid train of building blocks toys for children | Robots for kids | Kids GardenCARTOONS FOR CHILDREN: Warfare 3D Tropical Vacation Cartoon about Cars vs Tanks & Train for KidsSesame Street A Twiddlebug Tool Adventure With Ernie Garden Game For KidsNew #Surprise #Eggs for #Kids – Learning Colours with Bowling Game #Pokemon Go #Pikachu #12Strawberry Shortcake ❤ Candy Garden ❤ Game for Kids


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