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A young family wants to make a change and asked two different landscape design teams to design their landscape for healthy fruits and vegetables, nuts and eggs. The two companies create designs and got back with the couple. The video shows the results and below you can easily see the connections and benefits the permaculture design took into the family’s consideration. Where the traditional design does meet the family’s needs, the permaculture design take a practical look at the landscape, the couple’s desires, and joins them together with harmonious interaction. Here are some of the connections: Chicken house: At a spot in the property where it will eventually leach nutrients down slope into the landscape. Captures it’s own water. Deep bedding method so the whole thing is a egg making compost generator. Greenhouse A: Grow food all year. Doubles as a plant nursery. Greenhouse B: Heats and cools home by providing a buffer zone and convection. Cleanses grey water. Grows nutrient dense tropical food plants because it has a microclimate that can do that. Adds additional living space to the home. Orchard / Food forest: Captures it’s own water by designing it with the slope of the landscape. Fertilized by both chicken system and support species. Ecosystem design to maximum yield. Once established it is almost a zero work system. Wilfdlife habitat. Nature area for a sense of well being. Real long term low maintenance food security Garden and crops: You garden more efficiently when you have to walk through the garden to get into the house. Utilizes keyhole gardens with one entry/rotation point instead of rectangular garden that needs to be worked from the outside perimeter. The darker green areas are support species that are filled with nitrogen and nutrient accumulating species as well as pollinator attractors and beneficial […]

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  • Øyðrík Filip Jørðvål 4 months ago

    "utilizing its chickenness" lol

  • American Girl 4 months ago

    If bugs aren't interested in eating a plant (or if they do and their guts explode) then I'm not interested in eating that plant either. Case closed. It does not matter to me what the pro-argument for GMO is. Clearly pro-GMO folks are not as smart as bugs.

  • alex riddles 4 months ago

    I have read many comments about how GMOs are not that bad. However, in practice the vast majority of GMO plants are modified to survive chemical farming methods. So, the plant itself is not toxic. But, it allows cultural practices that produce food contaminated with industrial chemicals. Roundup ready soybeans, for example.

  • Luke Sanders 4 months ago

    I choose the colorful one

  • aliakbar amirkhani 4 months ago

    can we do this type of design for hyper arid and arid climates in for example Middle east ?

  • aliakbar amirkhani 4 months ago

    this is insanely Awesome …. so sry for my bad english :d

  • thibault bernier 4 months ago

    Not enought space for chikens laying "too" many eggs that they will need to sell them. The less chicken the better. More than 3/4 is too much for that garden.

  • Barbara Wood 4 months ago

    Cool ideas. I do think the young couple with the baby should be able to run into their house without having to take a stroll through the garden, especially when they have health issues and allergies. And the chickens could come a little farther from the sidewalk where they are likely to either get loose or face complaints from the neighbors.

  • rusty Shackleferd 4 months ago

    How much did you pay for the permaculture design plan? Can you send me a link to the company?

  • wazzup105 4 months ago

    Sorry. You lost me at fear of GMO's.

  • Jesse Rahimzadeh 4 months ago

    How do you go about installing the trees, earthworks, coops, fencing, etc? I am looking to begin designing properties and people have expressed interest but I'm not sure on the installation side of things.

  • waleed Garden in your heart shahid 4 months ago

    lol ……Chickeness!!!

  • wazimalik1 4 months ago

    Excellent video. Thank you. How's the site doing right now? Do you have a site tour or should I expect you'll give a real site tour of your property. That'd help a lot. Appreciate that.

  • davedaddy101 4 months ago

    If possible, please make more videos like this? Drawing out potential architecture ideas. I like it a lot. Helps you to put it all into perspective.

  • elodie0921 4 months ago

    Too bad you couldn't present your info without being so pretentious.

  • NaturesBest 4 months ago


  • Angus Adolphus 4 months ago

    The more I read and study permaculture, the more I feel like it is a fuzzy feel good pseudo- science  that stems from a greater cultural illness.

  • TheCynark 4 months ago

    Y-you know what GMOs are right?

    They cut genes from one plant and put it into another to share their characteristics, basically oh look out carrots are getting fucked up by bugs but they cant even touch these radishes. Cut and paste , there we go 99.99%, Carrot 0.01% Radish and NO BUGS.

    Hurr durr TOXINS IN MAH KIDS

  • aregst 4 months ago

    Absolute wrong relation of locations of trees towards the greenhouses in relation to the Sun. Come on!!