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WELCOME TO THE AXEL SHOW! – A Wholesome and interactive, reality YouTube Show for Kids! On this episode of the Axel Show, Axel is planting an organic garden along with his friends Danny and Max who are visiting from Texas. Axel’s daddy, mommy, and baby sister river help too. They use their toy front loader, toy excavator, toy dump truck, toy skid steer and toy bulldozer to do the job! Planting an organic garden is epic fun for kids with trucks and friends! Com see how! Follow us on: – Twitter – @TheAxelShow – Facebook – Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsToy Trucks for Children Harvest from Organic GardenToy Cars and Trucks for Children: Kid Connection Car Carrier Truck Unboxing and PlaytimeToy Trucks Gardening FunIndoor garden ideas for children using money plantJune 12th Container GARDEN UPDATE walkthru tour Organic Vegetable Gardening how to plantHow to Compost : Learn Organic Garden Composting Online : How to Plant with Compost

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  • Roberto Quiros 4 years ago

    It is cool

  • jayce Stewart 4 years ago

    how does he keep calm I'm 10 and I'm jayce

  • Julia Dyadigurova 4 years ago

    i have watched every ep
    and i am 9!!

  • Julia Dyadigurova 4 years ago

    hello my name is tony i am from bc in cannada

  • Steven Rouse 4 years ago


  • Taco Modz 4 years ago

    I wish i could be as happy as this guy

  • Christina Kade 4 years ago


  • Shauna Huntoon 4 years ago

    Hi we missed seeing you Axel and your family. Is this your new home in Washington? Jacob has lots of family in WA. We would love to move there. So Jacob wanted me to tell Axel's daddy that Jacob thinks he could do American Ninja Warrior tv show. Jacobs mommy (me) says this is a tv show we happen to watch last night and Jacob said hey Axel's daddy could do all those jumps. lol. it was cute that Jacob said this. thank you for great shows for kids. Jacob loved all the digging in this video.

  • Efrain Romero 4 years ago

    I'm going to the doctor in the morning