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Plastic bottles stacked into a bottle tower can be recycled to set up a vertical kitchen garden at home. The bottle towers are used for container gardening of vegetables and herbs. How to build such a tower is shown in different steps. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTower Gardens in SchoolsTower Gardens in SchoolsTower Gardens in SchoolsTower Gardens in SchoolsTower Gardens in SchoolsTower Gardens in Schools

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  • Monteen McCord 1 year ago

    Interesting idea in theory, but when the bottles heat up in the sun, they release endocrine disrupting hormones (BPA's and it's ilk) into the soil, to be taken up by the plants and subsequently ingested.

  • Claire Kinsella 1 year ago

    I think I've just found the solution to my husky digging up my vegetable and flower gardens! She can dig to her hearts content in the garden now, while I use the walls and fences to grow in towers :D

  • Allie Hunter 1 year ago

    do you change the soil every year? how about fertilizing? use water soluable and just pot in the water tower? pretty cool idea.

  • sandy fo 1 year ago

    Love your videos but am not having much luck. I live in Qld Australia so it does get very warm in summer so is that the problem? I have my bottles on a north facing fence…facing the direction of the sun. My plants start ok but then dont do much, avideo on actually growing in the bottles after they have been made would be a great help. thanks

  • chikezie313 1 year ago

    Do all the bottles have to be the same or just reletively the same size.

  • blixten2928 1 year ago

    Very great idea, I'll do it! Agonizingly slow video, though (just to gripe despite really being grateful it's here).

  • Stefanie Lamson 1 year ago

    Hey, awesome idea! I was actually looking for a more efficient way in using my stock of bottles to recycle. I think the photo I found in google of a project like this must've been yours. I had been trying to figure out how to make them (without wasting any plastic part -recycling the whole thing and not having to throw any part to the land fills)

    …as well as how to adapt the idea to an opening gate, instead of the one you have.

    I finally found it~ Thanks for sharing!

    Also, what were the last 2 songs you used in the video??

  • jennykaka111 1 year ago


  • iforgettherest whitman 1 year ago

    Wonderful video! Clear and easy to understand. Thank you.

  • Diama koura 1 year ago

    I am so glad I came across this video.this will benefit my can I be in touch with you.I really want to learn this system,and teach the women in my organization to be self sufficient.

  • Taino 1 year ago

    That is a super great idea . Tnks for sharing

  • Julian Idle 1 year ago

    Firstly, I am confused as to why the plants need filtered water. Plants that grow in the soil and outside in the rain have no such luxury, but are still deemed to be organic. Where are you drawing your impure water from?
    Secondly, I have a suggestion for an improvement to the water tank. As bottle 6 is already open to the atmosphere, it is this that dictates the head of water for the system. My suggestion would be to use an original bottle for #7, with intact bottom, and no cap with hole. Simply fill bottle #7 from the top (rather than from a watering can through the bottom), and place it inverted into bottle #6. Water will only flow out of bottle #7 into bottle #6 (where the head is measured from), once the water level in bottle #6 is lowered to beneath the top (bottom) of the neck of #7. There will be a sudden burp of bubbles and the equivalent volume of water will released into #6. This adds a bit of "performance" to your garden, and you will be able to hear and see it working from a distance.

  • Stella Sark 1 year ago

    Utterly awesome. A pure recycling no brainer.

  • Steven Mullican 1 year ago

    Awesome Sauce

  • dataoverflow 1 year ago

    Does the water really flows to the last bottle ? can't believe this…:-) But, it's a great idea !

  • Ricki Rowell 1 year ago

    Awesome idea

  • Dion James 1 year ago

    awesome, very awesome. i am going to try this out myself. good job William.

  • marsman williams 1 year ago

    that is ssuch a good idea i will try this . I have had no success with my green house and to save space as i only have  a smalll garden . Thumbs up