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Hi guys! SO many of you wanted to see the tower garden setup video ASAP so I decided to upload it today! Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it! PS: I linked the unboxing below & I will upload an update soonish in life=) For more info or to purchase a Tower Garden, here’s my link: UNBOXING OUR TOWER GARDEN: ————————————— INSTAGRAM ♥ TWITTER ♥ FACEBOOK ♥ PINTEREST ♥ @NikkiPhillippi ♥ My Lashes: ♥ My Oils Insta: ♥ My Oils website: ♥ My Spotify Music page: ♥ My Vlog Channel: ♥ My Blog: ————————————— METIONED IN VIDEO: ————————————— THANKS TO THESE PEEPS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS VIDEO COME TO LIFE! Dan: @dan_phillippi Melissa: @melissa_weldon Emily: @MissEmilyOlson1 ● Kendall: @itskenn ● ————————————— Business Inquiries: ————————————— FYI: This video may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission for purchases made through my links. Related PostsMy Indoor Tower Garden Diary!“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodIndoor Tower Garden Diary #2Growing 30 plants in less than 2 Sq Ft with this Vertical Tower Garden | WOW!Tower Garden Initial Setup – Part 2

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  • Madison Hopper 6 months ago

    It’s so sweet how serious Dan was about putting the tower garden together! Lol. You guys did a great job. I’m excited to see how it turns out with all of the plants and everything!

  • Tiffany P 6 months ago

    This was actually really interesting!!

  • Pam M 6 months ago

    Hey Nikki, I was wondering if you can do a video in September for chronic pain. Just found out September is pain awareness month.
    I've been very thankful for you for opening up it and share with us in past video. It makes me feel less alone. Thank you for your video.

  • Katie 6 months ago

    GAH I WANT ONE OF THESE SO BAD! I've been growing stuff in my house for so long (my lemons from my lemon tree are almost ready!) but I live in a 600 sq ft apartment in Boston so space is an issue and I love how vertical this is. I'm going to try to resist buying one of these until you do an update and let us know what you think, but when you do- I have questions! Here goes… brace yourself: How often do you have to replace the water? When you use something (cut it off and eat it, etc), do you have to replant from the start or will it just regrow? Or does it depend on what fruit/veg it is? If so, what stuff do you have to regrow? Overall did this thing perform to expectations? How long did it actually take for stuff to grow? How does it taste compared to what you'd get at the grocery store? Any regrets on accessory purchases? Are you glad to have the extension kit/ support cage? Wish you had the dolly? What worked best in terms of the lighting timer? Was it on all the time, or a mix of on and off? What did it do to your electricity bill? Also, props to Dan for how confidently he assembled this. If it were me I'd have been like "wait, what is this? what does this do?!" He sounded like he was born with tower-garden-assembly knowledge built into his brain!

  • Fleerrpp 42 6 months ago

    hey nikki do people still tell you to wear a paper bag? [lol not many people will get this joke]

  • katie kreuscher 6 months ago

    YESSSS!!!! I’ve been waiting for this! I love this so much! Please keep us updated! Also would be super cool to hear your thoughts on the other products from the company! 🙂

  • Zosime22 6 months ago

    Hey Nikki! Are you making a Essential Oils YouTube channel? I was looking for your ER Hauls and recent video with Shayna and couldn’t find any of them.

  • Serafina K 6 months ago

    At my university we have a big version of this and it hangs out in the middle of a spiral staircase. It grows veggies for some of the cafe's on campus!

  • Earls Family Vlogs 6 months ago

    Girl it looks so good!! What a cool idea! LOVE it!

  • Messy Bun And Getting Things Done 6 months ago

    Just starting this video, in the unboxing you mentioned that you weren’t sure about the seeds because some of the lettuce/kale etc you can cut and it will regrow. While it is true that they will regrow for a while eventually they will stop producing or the leaves will become thicker and more bitter. Hope that helps! I love gardening and start most of my stuff from seed and watching it grow is so fun and interesting to me! Im in Indiana and have broccoli started for my fall garden right now since my tomatoes and squash will be done producing soon. I’ll have to look into something like this to have some fresh stuff year round. I may try growing some herbs and a little leaf lettuce indoor this winter, but have to figure out my setup.

  • TheShivvysmith 6 months ago

    Dan explains everything so well!

  • Shell Escatel 6 months ago

    Can you do a garden video?

  • antimiggg 6 months ago

    @8:50 you can see her belly button

  • Angela Marcinkevich 6 months ago

    So cool I'd have a flood in my house if I did that .

  • Jeny D 6 months ago

    Can’t wait to see how this works! Such a cool idea

  • Sai Dayanghirang 6 months ago

    I love this tower! <3

    also… I love how I feel like Dan's in his element with all these work!