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Today we are reviewing the Tower Garden – by Juice Plus. We have been using 3 towers in our system for the past year and were comparing it side-by-side with the VGS system and our previous experience with other systems. In the past we have tried barrelonics (made with 55 gallon drums/barrels), floating bed systems, and dutch buckets. We also took some time to try other nutrient blends in our towers to compare with the “Tower Tonic” (c) that you can purchase through Juice Plus with other products that we have on hand including the “Flora Grow” (c) nutrients by General Hydronics. Overall we are impressed with the Tower Garden Systems, we found that any good nutrient solution will work just fine, and that if you want better yield and like to spend more time on your hydroponic systems you could grow specific items in your Towers (Greens, Flowering/fruiting plants, etc) with more specific nutrient blends. Although the Tower Garden is advertised by many as “aeroponic” and “plug & play” it does not meet the technical definition of an aeroponic system as it does not use a misting or sprinkling system on the root and as with all systems does require more then just putting it together and turning it on. I will say though that it is quite simple to put together and is as close to a “plug & play” system as you can get. More information can be found on our blog at As usual please feel free to comment and send questions or suggestions. Project 128 can be found also on Facebook at: email: blog: Related Posts“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodPLANES FOR KIDS VIDEO: Skipper Riley Model Kit Zvezda from Disney […]

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  • sayhello2pedro 1 year ago

    Excellent video, very well informed. Thank you for posting?

  • Robert Madden 1 year ago

    wow, that's expensive! !! anybody have a diy?

  • Project128 1 year ago

    In response to Joan's questions below, here is what we practice or have learned through our research.

    1 – How much nutrient do you add as the water level falls? the general rule is to not add extra nutrient unless the system needs it. (not a good answer, but there is really no easy answer for this as plants require different nutrients at different stages and most Tower Gardeners have various plants in the same system) During summers, especially hot/dry conditions in the west you will experience more evaporation and transpiration during the day, this means the water is going down, but not the minerals and nutrients and adding more could actually increase the nutrient level too high for some plants. The nutrients are being taken up by the plants and as such more/various nutrients are needed at different times during the grow cycle (this can be different for each type of plant). The most scientific way to tell when you need nutrients is by using an EC meter and knowing your starting level you can add or dilute as needed to maintain that level in your system. Since most people do not use an EC meter we will move on to explain in your second question.

    2 – If you add 5 gallons of water then how much nutrient?
    Add water as needed, watch your plants for changes, and only add about 1/2 nutrients every other time you add water (e.g. you need 5-gallons added this week – just add water; next week you need another 5-gallons – add the water and nutrient as specified by the label for only 2 1/2 gallons.) Some people do not add anymore nutrients after the first application until they clean the system or harvest their plants.

    3 – Do you completely empty the water once a month as others have mentioned?
    There is also not cut and dry answer on this one either, the best practice that I have learned is you will change out the water and nutrients once you have replenished the equivalent volume of your reservoir. For the Tower is is about 20-gallons so if you are needing to add 5-gallons each week, then after 4-weeks you do your change out. (if you are only adding 4-gallons you could go 5-weeks, and so on). In So. California longest I went on a system has been 2-months, and here in Central Florida about 3-months topping off with water every couple days and adding nutrient solution about every other week. I only do this for plants that I am growing for that particular season (tomatoes, cucumbers) or harvesting regularly (e.g. Lettuce or greens).

    Currently, we use 3 – different types of nutrient solutions (including mixing out own) and soon will be starting our aquaponics system which will not use commercial nutrients as the primary source, each of these have different levels when measured on the EC meter. As we use up our current supply of Tower Tonic, and Flora Series nutrients we will just be using our own mix and the aquaponics in the future.?

  • Joan Phillips 1 year ago

    how much nutrient do you add as the water level falls. If you add 5 gallons of water then how much nutrient?
    Do you completely empty the water once a month as others have mentioned??

  • Outa ThisWorld 1 year ago

    This is expensive but they do last for a long time, just the white gets discolored over the seasons. I have seven of them.?

  • shakaama 1 year ago

    excellent sir. thank you.?