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►Learn more about the Tower Garden at A quick tour of the two Tower Gardens that I got from a friend recently! Stay tuned for an in-depth grow series with these bad boys! Follow Epic Gardening: Blog: Shop: Forums: Facebook: Twitter: Related Posts“Tower Garden Planting” by Epic GardeningGreen Roof Overview by Greensulate CEO, Amy Norquist.“Tower Garden One Month Results” by Epic Gardening“Tower Garden Growth Explosion!” by Epic Gardening“Tower Garden Cleanup and Post Harvest Thoughts” by Epic Gardening“Full Hydroponic Herb Garden Guide” by Epic Gardening

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  • RelatedGiraffe 1 year ago

    Can you have them in an apartment?

  • N Bachers 1 year ago

    Kevin, it's 2015! What happened?

  • Ray Houghton 1 year ago

    Far to slow and expensive compared to Microgreens. These tiny plants have 5-10 times more nutrient density than their same adult plants, take up little room, need less water and can produce 3 times more plant matter in 8 weeks than the Tower Garden.
    True, Microgreens are for blending, juicers, salads, sandwiches and to sell ($20/lb), but if you are looking for something more healthy, faster, cheaper and trouble free, Microgreens take the prize! Kevin got that setup FREE, but $545 is a lot of money, to wait 8 weeks for the crop and maybe have it eaten by critters and bugs!

  • Epic Gardening 1 year ago

    Thanks dude! Subscribe, I've got a bunch more videos coming out about the tower gardens!

  • cinder03vp 1 year ago

    this awesome bro! love to see when they sprout veggies!

  • Epic Gardening 1 year ago

    Great to hear! You're right, vertical growing is the way of the future for people with limited space like your grandparents!

    The seedlings are looking good, can't wait to transplant into the Tower Gardens and film another video!

  • aubullion 1 year ago

    My grandparents just downsized to a 'flat' and were looking for a way to continue their passion for gardening now that they are limited to balconies (2). Both balconies are a good size, but as far as getting the most vegetation for the 'floor' space, I dont think you can beat these! Will gladly pass on your video to them, and look forward to seeing how your project progresses.