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the Juice Plus Tower Garden put onto a lazy susan bearing so it may revolve all day in the sun. The next upload will show the system with a 1 rpm AC motor attached with a belt, going around a 1 in. pulley on the motor and the bicycle rim. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTower Garden Growing System, Juice Plus +, Juice Plus CompleteTower Garden Growing System, Juice Plus +, Juice Plus CompleteThe Tower Garden by Juice PlusJuice Plus Tower Gardens at Expanding Minds Unlimited – Hydroponic Growing InsideJUICE PLUS + COMPLETE (Vainilla )Ariel Selwyn – Why have a Tower Garden | Juice Plus Fredericksburg VA

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  • PhoenixSales 1 year ago

    This is a cool concept of rotating the tower garden. I just disasembled my tower garden and wanting to set it up in the basement so I'm working on a scheme to rotate 360 degrees in one direction then 360 in the oposite direction. The problem with rotating continuos in one direction is the hose between the pump and the tower. I'd like to see when you have the final version with the motor. Thanks!