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Tower Garden! Delicious fresh vegetables tomatoes cucumbers peppers strawberries zucchini broccoli celery whole foods Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIntroducing Tower Garden by Juice PlusTower Garden by Juice Plus on The Balancing ActThe Tower Garden by Juice PlusJuice plus tower gardenTower Garden by Juice Plus+Juice Plus Tower Garden

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  • Jacalyn Morgan 9 months ago

    She didn't make it and the cooks refused to remake it. The cooks probably saw it as more work and were like "fuck that" We saw you stiff her for something outside of her control, harass her for a mistake which is human (i dont give a fuck who is at fault, it's a human mistake), then recorded her like the children you are. I can tell you've never worked a day in your life, sweetheart. Bless your heart.