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  • dustin Balance

    have you ever had any issues with the water getting a fishy smell and root rot following it? i set mine up and had to drain the reservoir because of this and some foam build up and now a few days in from changing it all up i'm getting the same issue again as well as a rise in ph. i've heard some people say that water temp might be part of the issue but you didnt mention anything about that and you're way farther south than i am. i am also using evolve 3-1-2 all purpose organic fertilizer liquid and planticillin beneficial bacteria. any suggestions on what i could do to battle the smell and root rot??

  • Tom Allen

    there are lots of ways to skin this type of cat. You can pay (handsomely, in this case) someone else to do it for you or you can get creative and do it yourself.?

  • W Kevin Gilbert

    For folks saying this is overpriced, and that some will knock it off and sell it cheaper, consider this: it is a patented system design using food-grade plastic. The kit includes everything needed to get started, including the pH balancing kit, the pump, seeds and propagating kit, starter mineral solutions specifically formulated for plant consumption and optimum plant health. IT WORKS! Plus, the produce yield covers the cost of the kit in less than 6 months, sooner if you're already buying organic, based on a study done by ATL Urban Farms.?

  • Nicole Guyot

    I think the reason why the TG cost is more is because they use food grade plastic which is pretty expensive. For those people that want to grow food in the best and healthiest ways that is an important point. I live my TG!!?

  • Juicing, Cleansing, Hydration----JCH

    @paul ladendorf…….pvc leaches very harmulf chemicals….you may be able to design something "similar" But you will not get the same results…the kit comes with designed nutrients for human consumption….plus it look elegant?

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