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This setup would be so easy for me to turn into an aquaponics setup. no grow beds or anything to worry about, once its tuned in it is good to go, famous last words maybe…lol _________________________________________________________ Show some love if you shop on Amazon, cost you nothing and I get a few peanuts. Thanks. America – UK – Canada – _______________________________________________________________ Check out my online store where I sell unique Thailand items and the famous “catfish in a tank ” t-shirts. Life in Thailand on Facebook My Thai Homestead Website My other youtube channel, WorldTravel Twitter Tweets by PaulDollimount Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTour of – Here We Grow – Hadley, MA Hydroponic Store (413) 584-FARMHydroponic Lettuce Farm In GeorgiaHydroponic Lettuce at Cape Abilities FarmIndoor Hydroponic Lettuce Farm, The Lettuce PeopleModern Indoor Hydroponic Farm TourHydroponic farm tour

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  • Jay MEOW 2 months ago

    2:50 part. do you have anymore video of it?

  • Kristian de silva 2 months ago

    where can i get the clips thats holding the plastic at the top ? thanks

  • Dale Calder 2 months ago

    Very interesting operation and the lettuce did look too good to be true LOL.

  • Jack Hill 2 months ago

    … had forgotten to watch this one … cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • Philguy2010 2 months ago

    Why lol? Because I said "sir" or "aeroponics"? Because I dont know that much difference between aeroponics and hydroponic.

  • G. T. 2 months ago made a video for ya.

  • Lek Buzzy 2 months ago

    That was so cool. You can do that, you got the skills.

  • Svein Arne Grønnevik 2 months ago

    That seems like something to remake in to aquaponics, Paul! Fertilizer you have plentiful in the water full of fish poo. But don't hope too much about the strawberries. They grow them up in the mountains north of Chiang Mai where it is at least 10 Degrees cooler than in Isaan.

  • Southpaw Davey urban farm. 2 months ago

    Mate that would work with the fish I like the foam beds did you get a price for one. only thing that eats my lettuce other than us is the flea beetle and the slugs they dont have a chance in that setup. Quail still sitting 😉

  • Jonathan Lee 2 months ago

    I found an aquaponics kit in my grandmas house a few years ago. My grandma said its gotta be over 20 years or 30 years old. So I took it out of the plastic packaging and the seeds were still dry and all and the powder fertilizer was still loose but I tried growing the lettuce and nothing happened. Seeds must've expired after 20+ years lol. The kit came with the foam container and all. Just didn't work out lol

  • Stephanie Backs 2 months ago

    Cool!! And I can confirm they strawberries!!!

  • Old as Dirt 2 months ago

    Plus ,I would rater have. aquaponics . No chemicals. Your set up would work great with fish! I say go for it..

  • Old as Dirt 2 months ago

    I wonder how it will stand up in the wind?

  • Yvonne Koedood 2 months ago

    nice video of good food

  • Sean smith 2 months ago

    yes but what i don't like about them is it is chemical feed,, and that is all we can find in thailand in the markets,, Thats why i will be growing my own in dirt,,, yes more water but who cares i will be eating it,, and love the last bit ohh Quiet for a second,,,hahaha

  • McDowall Manor 2 months ago

    That is a great setup. I agree – that roof would work a treat mate. Love the net pots!

  • thehitmanNEO 2 months ago

    lols she says it does not work with aquaponic's lols want to bet on it lady. yes it works totally different and there is more to it but it also has way more options then hydroponic's. besides the water quality and nutrians hydroponic's has a continue flow and aquaponic's has a wet dry flow giving the root's air time increasing the H2O in take. and thats imported as not all plants root's can handle being under/in water 24/7 and then not even going into the part what the fish add to the system :p but it looks really cool to see so mush green in a concrete place xD as always love your vids keep it coming xD

  • bathtub greenhouse aquaponics 2 months ago

    My wife's family say they go to a similar farm to buy some of their vegetables, will be interesting to have a look around to see what they are doing. Great channel. Cheers

  • Randell Pepler 2 months ago

    Very informative and some very clever ideas put into practice Thanks for posting