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Applying a IKO 2mm torch on underlay followed by a IKO 4mm mineral felt cap sheet Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRoll Roofing , how to install a basic flat roof, torch down roofing !How to Felt a Shed Roof – Fit long life Roofing FeltHow to install our Self-Adhesive Roofing Felt – IKO EasysealHow to Fix Shed Felt to Your Shed Roof2015 Torch Stories: Tecta America Zero CompanyHow to felt a shed roof


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  • Chris Macneil 1 year ago

    he's got the laps torched………forgot about the rest of the roll though.  Good job on the flashing good bleed and rubbed in the piece really well.  always check the guys glove after a day of flashing if there are wear holes in them he did a good job.

  • daweller 1 year ago

    why I watch this?

  • J.Stuart Hill 1 year ago

    I think this is an informative video to show clients what's involved in there new flat roof being laid, good on yous and its ranking high on YouTube so who cares what the haters think. In my opinion that roof will last a good 20 year and the client will be happy with that.

  • TheFatman2436 1 year ago

    The issue with people or tradesman putting up videos on YouTube every fucker has to criticize I'm a Plasterer by trade and have been for over 15 years I did put up a few videos for the diyer really step by step I even said some Plasterers start from the top and work down and some star from the bottom and go up the amount of abuse I got was incredible. If you've got Tim to sit at a computer or on your phone and take the piss out of the way people are doing a job more than likely you sitting at home with maybe a few jobs here and there you're basically jealous. GOOD ON YOU LADS YOU DOING A BANGING JOB, EVERYONE DOES SHIT DIFFERENTLY IT DON'T MEAN YOURS IS RIGHT AND HIS IS WRONG AS LONG AS CUSTOMERS ARE HAPPY AND YOU DON'T GET A CALL BACK FOR A REPAIR

  • Moses Joshua 1 year ago

    Awesome! very nice job! I like it!

  • steve batchelor 1 year ago

    If i was to say cross bonding ? would you have a clue what i am talking about i dout it, have ago roofing not a clue.

  • vdub bob 1 year ago

    not bad

  • Ken EagleBear 1 year ago

    Heat the back of the trowel so you can use that instead of your hands

  • Chuck Norris 1 year ago

    I think you've done that before?

  • Peter Mckeown 1 year ago

    Cross bonding! No 2mm on the back edge under the cap sheet at the beginning of the film let alone primer on a wooden arris rail! All the heat on the cap sheet going on the selvedge and not across the roll and why not try taking the selvedge at 45 degrees on the edge detail check kerb flashing's to prevent a 4mm lap build up? The finishes (flashing's) "bleeding" on the laps! Me I did my time with Briggs Amasco,,,no thanks lads, collect your cards at the end of the shift. Oh and make sure you take all your tools with you.

  • Skylightatdusk 1 year ago

    I want to install it on top of a shipping container roof. However, I am thinking of putting a thin layer of wood between the torchon and container roof. Will this help to insulate from heat better than without the wood) and insulate against potential water leaks? Is it easy to repair if the container gets scraped during transportation? Thanks

  • Skylightatdusk 1 year ago

    Does torch on provide insulation from heat?

  • darren davies 1 year ago

    Possibly the worse felt job I've seen for ages

  • Aramando Hedez 1 year ago

    nice working with tennis shoes

  • Richard Davies 1 year ago

    Why can't you cross lap

  • Richard Davies 1 year ago

    Any videos or suggestions how to go round pipes that stick out flat roof

  • Sergio Miranda 1 year ago

    good video and good job

  • Borja Castellano 1 year ago

    Bad footwear, bad gloves, do not cross the membranes… I don´t like that much your way but , thanks for sharing

  • Kevin Chamberlain 1 year ago

    Knows his stuff this lad!

  • Jeff Roofer 1 year ago

    Roll and pour with hot bitumen best job..Any numpty can lay torch on crap…