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  • j slevkoff

    Out of all the torch down roof I've seen nobody has actually shown a roof being torched down you show before and you show after

  • Best Roofers Manchester Ltd

    absolutely terrible hahaha. All these comments saying this roof is great hahaha. this just shows the difference between quality of workmanship in the US compared to Europe. This roof looks horrible and in the UK would get ripped off hahahaha.

  • jose32ja

    Y cuánto gana alguien como el chapin? Yo trabajo en el roofing no sé ni la mitad de lo que él sabe y ganó 1200$ por semana

  • Benjamin Esposti

    Looks like you did a good job! But hey, I'm not a roofer, LOL. I've replaced a shingle roof with my dad though, on his old carriage house. (We're not sure how old it is, but judging by the post and beam construction, it is probably around 100 to 200 years old. It even has three windows on the second floor with the old wavy glass!)

    I think it had a slate roof once (it had the thin wood lath strips), and the owner then hired cheap ass labor to put a new "roof" on. Well, it wasn't really a roof. There was no plywood and no tar paper! Of course, it was leaking …

    But we did it the right way – plywood, flashing, drip edge, tar paper, you name it.

    P.S. We also had to have an old building repair contractor come and replace the left rear corner post because the shoddy "roof" had leaked enough to rot out the top of the post. It had buckled outwards, which could be seen from the ground and inside.

  • Thommy Two Toes Times Three

    Dude…seriously …your camera work needs updating. Take some classes on how to hold a camera. The roof looks ok, but i'm not a pro so i can't say nuthin' good or bad.

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