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  • zissumanter 5 years ago
  • efe sarpel 5 years ago

    20 mt karede ne kadar verim al?yorsunuz??

  • Mustafa Ozer 5 years ago

    Levent bey Merhaba

  • Osman 5 years ago

    Levent Bey merhaba, videoyu

  • Fatih Saydam 5 years ago
  • Tebrikler. G

  • Levent Ali Keten 5 years ago
  • Thierry Robion 5 years ago
  • Deacon M 5 years ago

    J Barksdale, I am glad to hear your trying this!

  • J Barksdale 5 years ago

    Well duh, I coulda read your post, HAHA. Im running general hydroponics Flora Duo and having no issues and ph is stable. I started at 600 PPM and have bumped to 850, will get it around 1200 when fruit sets . Did you add Cal/ mag in the grow??

  • J Barksdale 5 years ago

    Hey Deacon, looks killer. How many hours of sunlight do you get on that dutch bucket set up. I put a small setup on my deck for experimenting April 2015 ( 4 buckets) and get about 6 hours direct and the rest filtered through trees. My super sweet 100 is going nuts growing into it. I have a Indigo Rose and Big Beef along with my hand raised Black and Brown Boars I've propagated from saved seeds for 6 years running. I'm hoping for those results you're showing. I've got my big dirt garden on the other side of the deck rail and the growth rate isn't even comparable to the

  • ????? paulownia?? 5 years ago


  • tractorman0077 5 years ago

    Looks good for a beginner, what are you using for growing media, how many pounds a week are you getting.?