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Want to know the secret all great gardens and gardeners have in common? It’s earthworms! Earthworms are without a doubt the hardest working critters on planet earth. They turn every thing they eat into black gold, better known as worm castings. These casting makes a garden grow and if you’ve every bought a bag of casting you know what we mean by the term, black gold. Well, fear not and keep your wallet secure, GardenRx host Loren Nancarrow is going to show you all the tricks of the trade for starting and raising your own earthworm farm. It’s simple, it’s easy and it takes up very little room in the garage. Not only will earthworms provide you with valuable castings, they’ll do so on the table scraps you were going to throw out anyway! Viva la earthworm! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEarthworms Make Nature’s Best Fertilizer FREE for Your GardenThe Best Fruit Trees for Backyard GardensGardening secrets Vertical farmingGardening secrets DIY aeroponic systemGardening secrets Aeroponic System ReviewGardening secrets Aeroponic Systems

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  • Home Grown Veg 1 year ago

    I have just posted a video where I rescue some earthworms from my drive and relocate them in a raised bed. Are these those Red Wrigglers? you talk about.

  • Ric Rags 1 year ago

    Excellent video thanks!

  • Joe Schmoe 1 year ago

    What gardener could ever be so stupid to think of worms as pests? "Oh I have too many worms!!!1 Help me get rid of them!!1" Either some people are incredibly idiotic, or "cuprock" full of it himself. I bet it's the latter.

  • TheBr20042003 1 year ago

    Do worms help to break up hard ground? I have a garden that has worms but I have a hard time digging through the soil. After the first foot it is solid but I have seen worms peak out of tunnels but I can't get root crop to grow. Any suggestions?

  • jeimmortal 1 year ago

    I love ALL your videos. Please make MORE!!  Your videos ROCK!! One can spend lifetimes clicking on videos of wanna be (know nothing) "experts" who blather on and on saying nothing, who don't deliver what their video title implies, or worse, give made up expertise and who don't edit their videos of superfluous ramblings, wasting valuable time. You stay focused and deliver very good, useful information and you speak clearly so I have no problem hearing you!  I only wish others would follow your very good example.  YOUR TIME WILL NOT BE WASTED WATCHING CupRockTV videos!  <3 <3 <3  !!!!  Thank you!

  • yztyzt1 1 year ago

    R u mike Rowe?

  • SKeTChyGr0WER 1 year ago

    Please talk about SST (Sprout Seed Teas)

  • Raymond Mesa 1 year ago


  • joshuag94 1 year ago

    why not just put the worms directly into a garden?

  • Listen 1 year ago

    hello sir plz tell me..

    can I add earthworm to my pot plant…and if yes, then what will be amount..?

  • djm2A 1 year ago

    I've bought the wrong kind,, not red wriggles but night crawlers.. I don't think they're good on fruits and vegetables and a lot of them died 🙁

  • Ryin88 1 year ago

    I have my worm bins in my garage too. But the summer heat in California is about 100 degrees, and its even hotter in my garage. How do you keep your worms cool in there??

  • rubberchick13 1 year ago

    I absolutely love this guys teaching, where is he lately? I miss his videos. Please bring him back!!

  • wa4aos 1 year ago

    Great and helpful video…THANKS!!!

  • yan nay 1 year ago

    thanks for sharing "CupRockTV"

  • Alicia Previn 1 year ago

    Sorry for the wrong spelling Loren! Realized it as soon as I posted : / Great videos!

  • Alicia Previn 1 year ago

    Hi Lauren
    For your children you can also get a worm picture book that comes with an audiobook and music full-length CD also with an Earthworm Song. It's called The Earthworm Book by Alicia Previn. Go to the website theearthwormbook and there is a link to amazon There are directions to make a simple wormbox with your children too. Please visit the website and say hello!