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  • C Dorma 7 months ago

    Music is fucking horrific

  • Brandyn Kelso 7 months ago

    What are you using to regulate the pressure of the top feed lines? 2:40

  • Mitchell MacCallum 7 months ago

    So you don’t ever lower the water level less than that point? I guess it’d help stop the roots getting clogged up but I thought your supposed to lower the level as the roots grow down? Beauty setup man just built my first one but with pvc smh….wish I seen this video before! I love the idea of the soft pipes so the buckets can move around.

  • ferguasa1 7 months ago

    please help me ¿where do you add the drip system to the bubble bucket system?,

    I understand that the bubble bucket system delivers the water to the pot from the bottom and absorbs it from the top, ¿the dripper is an extra water for the top?

  • Adz Grow 420 7 months ago

    Do you clean your buckets i clean my once a week with every nute change wondering if its not necessary ?

  • Big Daddy Grows 7 months ago

    I know video is a bit old, but man I love ur set up! the soft hose idea and hooking up each bucket individually is brilliant! Now the buckets can be moved around some with no problem. I only see it done with pvc, hooking all buckets together and no way of moving them around….. awesome setup!

  • big boy 7 months ago

    were you get that nutrient manifold from

  • Alex Dingle 7 months ago

    subbed up

  • Live Doom 7 months ago

    very nice, so jelly 🙁

  • Dexter Donald 7 months ago

    Did you build that system yourself looks nice can you share the flow rate of the water pump and air pump

  • UK Gamer 7 months ago

    is the pump o 24 7

  • LEGENDofTHUNDER 7 months ago