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David The Good’s gardening books: Mosquito dunks: Harvesting rain water doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. You can make rain barrels, create hot tub ponds, buy a cistern or dig a pond or a swale. There are some mistakes I made when harvesting rainwater on my old homestead, though, and I don’t want you to struggle with the same issues. Since had me write an article on harvesting rain water, I decided to create a video on the topic as well. Get rid of mosquitoes in ponds, get rid of algae, learn to harvest rainwater on the cheap and find out how much rainwater a roof can collect – thanks for watching and enjoy! Background music on rap courtesy of The Passion HiFi: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsTop 7 Mistakes to Avoid when Harvesting Rain WaterInstalling Asphalt Shingles: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Metal Roofing10 Vegetable Gardening Mistakes and How to avoid them – in 4K3 Common Garden Planning Mistakes (and how to avoid them)Greenroof – Solar energy, rainwater harvesting and grey water use in Bangalore,India 🙂

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  • Craig Famly 8 months ago

    There is a really good video somewhere where they leave an open source and filter the mosquito laver out but rescue the water because it somehow attracts mosquitoes to lay if other have. Go find that and use that to help with them

  • Wendell Osborne 8 months ago

    Great video

  • for Ever 8 months ago

    Great vid. Thank u

  • Ann Nicholls 8 months ago

    Our house was the first on the street before public water was available. We removed 2 large galvanised metal tanks which were leaking.

  • Beasts 8 months ago

    Happy Movember!

  • Lincoln Dickson 8 months ago

    Drops of cinnamon essential oil in sitting water to control the mosquitos naturally

  • Ann Nicholls 8 months ago

    In Melbourne, Victoria, Australia new houses must have a rain barrel or solar water heater, which was a response to drought! My home has a huge concrete tank which supplies all the water needs of the home except in summer to water the garden! We use a filter and a electric pump. The tank has a lid to prevent mosquitoes from entering.

  • Arnie T 8 months ago

    I'm sick to death of the Grammerly advert at start of every vid

  • Charles Pelton 8 months ago


  • usmcusausaf 8 months ago

    i'd like to see this guys eyes when he's stoned and sleepy. : )

  • jon davis 8 months ago

    What is the best way to make it drinkable? Word has it that asphalt shingles basically ruin rainwater for drinking. Could really use your help here.

  • elbajoloco 8 months ago

    Feeder goldfish (about 20 cents a piece at the pet store) keep our 6+ rain barrels completely free of mosquitoes

  • Jeremiah Acuña 8 months ago

    Are those mimosa hostilis trees behind you

  • Big Reek 8 months ago

    Citronella plants ward mosquitoes as well. Hadn't much luck planting in ground, but grew well in a large pot

  • Eleonora Jimeno 8 months ago

    Thanks. good idea.

  • Raul Pendas 8 months ago

    I have two 550 gallons tanks. The cost was $1,000.00. The savings in my town is about $10.00 per months. In ten years it pays for.

  • Carlo Fantozzi 8 months ago

    So far would I know is that collecting rainwater is legal in Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. If y'all know any other states that allows it, please respond.