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Are you interested in starting your own hydroponic system?? Hopefully you’ll find these tips and tricks helpful when deciding where to start on your new adventure! Please visit out Amazon Influencer store – every purchase you make goes to support this channel!: Tip 1: See what everyone is doing, get an understanding of the wide variety of systems available to model, and take bits and pieces of what you like and implement them in your own potential systems. then determine which type of these systems will work best for you in terms of what you want to grow with the available space Here’s a playlist of my “how to” builds : Tip 2: Keep it simple to start!. buying and starting systems that are a little over your comfort level can cause some headaches and defeat. so it’s best to start with simple things to grow like micro-greens or lettuce, or even tomatoes which can come with its own set of learning curves!. simple systems like Deep Water Culture, and then maybe move up to RDWC and so on. underestimating the size and work of your grow can also be costly. Check out our recent micro green build!: Tip 3: Locking in your water source. If you’re in an area that allows you to catch rainwater in barrels, then take full advantage of it! it’s usually extremely low in PPM and very balanced in PH, which means less costs in your PH up and down solutions, as well as more accurate nutrient solution mixtures. Barrel : Diverter kit: If you’re in an area that does not allow this , then consider either buying distilled water from the store, or installing a water filter system. If your tap water is like mine and has extremely high PH and […]

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  • avers Soundzz 7 months ago

    brother because of you i was able to build my own for cheap i have watched all you builds and too patterns and ideas form yours and build my own rdwc and it kicks ass thanks a million, your videos always educational despite what other thinks. Bless t=you heart

  • chevvyloverr 7 months ago

    A 1" return (exactly to the length of your bottom measurements) and another bag of grommets just below the netting cup would work just fine in the case of a clog, at least you would catch 100% of the otherwise spillage.

  • D Williams 7 months ago

    I am building your rdwc. In one of your comments, you stated that you had issues with the roots blocking water return to your reservoir.
    That said, if you had to offer any advice, is there anything different that you would do vis-à-vis design/build?
    (BTW, using an 1110 gallon per hour pump).
    I thank you for teaching me how to become a better grower!

  • Phillip Gleason 7 months ago

    No joke- your my kind of people!!- Find joy in the journey, the learning curve is your friend-REALLY! Thank you!! I really appreciate your dry, quirky, yet clever and densely insightful wit. Remember the K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid) principle and couple it with having fun– a winning combo! Cheers brother

  • Christian Winterstein 7 months ago

    Nice Video!What can you say about the Prognose from ripple?thanks for the giveaway!
    btc adress
    Ltc adress

  • iluvsinging2 7 months ago

    not sure if i would ever want to start my own hydrophonic system but i'll save this to my "watch later" list just in case i do. great info. thanks for sharing 🙂

  • avers Soundzz 7 months ago

    amen bro

  • Kenny Beans 7 months ago

    Great info! Can't wait to see some more builds! Keep it up!