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Top 10 easy to grow vegetables for beginners: 1. Chili 2. Lemon 3. Kohlrabi 4. Cabbage 5. Radish 6. Scallion 7. Carrot 8. Lettuce 9. Eggplant 10. Winter melon MUSIC: Joy To The World by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Artist: Thanks for watching! Please subscribe for more videos Please contact us: Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodEasiest Vegetables To Grow In Pots For Beginners[Cute and Easy] Top 80 Small Vegetable Garden IdeasHow to start a Container Garden from Seed Easy! STEP by STEP grow vegetables plant organicHow to Grow a Vegetable Garden – Easy Tips for BeginnersHow to Grow an Easy Patio Apartment Container Garden for Beginners

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  • SAWRIYA SETH V.P.SINGH 4 days ago

    Supar he yar

  • ganesh banjara 4 days ago

    Nice good

  • Bheem Sagar.n Bheem Sagar.n 4 days ago


  • Omkar's Terrace Garden 4 days ago

    Very nice !!! Good work

  • wisata petik aneka buah kebun mini hortikultura 4 days ago

    kok ninggueh beih

  • Juda M 4 days ago

    But there are no explanation just pics

  • Juda M 4 days ago

    Nice Work

  • Sweeti Sharma 4 days ago

    Aap dikhana kya chah rahe ho bilkul samajh me nahi aaya

  • Anu Devi 4 days ago

    Wasting time without any explanation, useless video.

  • amazing stuff 4 days ago

    Now i found all Google images in one video… With no mercy!! Iam sending my ❤️Da!!!! Have a great day

  • Dilani Perera 4 days ago

    Thanks for the beautiful melody but no explanation however.

  • Leandro de Suoza9 4 days ago


  • Khaja Moinuddin 4 days ago

    I like it because , we got to know which plants we can plant

  • Will Hall 4 days ago

    Only beginner plants were radish and lettuce. All others have unique challenges that apply to each individually making them none beginner status

  • Nagaveni Nagaveni 4 days ago


  • DONALD DUKE 4 days ago


  • Prema C 4 days ago

    How to grow we plants there is no information

  • Natural Family Household Life TV 4 days ago


  • Selvi Priya super sir 4 days ago

    Useless video why u people r not explaining pls don't show again and again same video