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Your friends Gardener Greg and Floraformer Fred show you some of the gardening techniques they use for recycled two liter bottle hydroponic systems and rain gutters. They also show you a flash of their newest “hanging hydroponic system” inside the new greenhouse. To get more details about how we use two liter bottle hydroponic systems along with our rain gutter growing method and how they work, tune into our channel. Video Rating: / 5 Related Posts2 Liter Plastic Bottle Hydroponic Wick SystemHydroponic Rain Gutter CucumbersHydroponic Tomatoes – The Results of the Wetpot and Anovapot Systemshydroponic gutters2 liter auto siphon hydroponic systemHydroponic system for growing tomatoes part 1

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  • Sheds Direct Manchester 7 months ago

    Growing some vegetables hydroponically are quite challenging and worth gratifying. This kind of system for growing tomatoes in rain gutters are also a great way of conserving water. Nice information! 

  • BrokenCapo 7 months ago

    im not a fan of hydroponics, but i can see the roots fitting into a 2L bottle if there's no soil.

  • Sci Stuff 7 months ago

    Thank you for the question. This is much more of a hobby and lifestyle than a way to make a living. We sell a lot of greenhouses online through our site but not enough to pay all of the bills and the majority of it all is just plain fun. The best advice I can give you is to use Solexx if growing outside, do not skimp on seeds, never underestimate the growth potential of a plant and be sure you enjoy it or give up now.

  • Widowmakerproduction 7 months ago

    I have watched all of your videos tonight. I am very interested in a self sustaining lifestyle. Your videos are very informative and interesting at the same time. Your heart and soul shines out in every video. I am curious as to weather this is a hobby or do you make your living at this? Any advise for someone just starting out? Thanks for sharing .

  • Sci Stuff 7 months ago

    By using two liter bottles very little water is used and almost none is wasted. The entire system in this greenhouse also cost less than $100 to put into place.

    I do feel that you were being as constructive as you possibly could with your lack of knowledge. Thank you.

  • antoni rival 7 months ago

    the two liter bottles are stupid. sorry i couldn't be more constructive