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DIY watering system for you tomatoes or any other staked plants. Visit The Bayou Gardener in Avoyelles Parish Louisiana – Cajun Country at Related PostsBig Tomato Cages – Growing a Vegetable GardenField Trip through the Vegetable Garden – June 201010 Smart Watering Tips for Your Vegetable GardenBest Hose for Watering Your Vegetable Garden Available at SearsWatering Your Vegetable Garden: How to Water Plants for Healthier GrowthFront Yard Self Watering Vegetable Garden & Fruit Trees

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  • David Allyn 10 months ago

    You posted this 8 years ago, and can you believe it still works today!! This Los Angeles balcony gardener believes that simpler is better – and boy is this simple!! I love it! Much thanks to you sir from an L.A. city boy!!

  • MM Reporter 10 months ago

    You've probable already covered this question, but any reason not to bury the end of the pipe to slow down the water delivery and extend the watering delivery cycle? Probably no advantage to this but might work out ok…

  • ezrabrooks12 10 months ago

    Good Looking Lab !!! Also I'm using your TRICK!!!

  • Carlos Gambino 10 months ago

    Apart from the watering system, do you use fertilizers for your vegetable garden? Such as an NPK?

  • McCuneWindandSolar 10 months ago

    how often do you fill the tube or water. I know they dont like a lot of water but they love food. I have found to much water and tomatoes will drown and look as if they need water when they dont. You look like you have been doing this for a long while.

  • McCuneWindandSolar 10 months ago

    Love it you plant how I do. I use the post hole digger also.

  • Rickey Desormeaux 10 months ago

    you forgot to remove the plant from the container

  • Rudolph Gutierrez 10 months ago

    can you post a link to jeff's utube video?

  • condenser mike 10 months ago

    that's genius. thanks!

  • Jason Reeve 10 months ago

    how often do you need to refill each tube?

  • thlJudith B 10 months ago

    I like this, but have a drip system for my vegies, but planning to put in new fruit trees this spring. Would a smaller hole added to the top and a cap cause the water to come out slower??

  • william noble 10 months ago

    I think placing that pipe directly on the root ball before you bury it might be a more efficient use of water. Great idea I might give this a shot in the spring.

  • nashir hasham 10 months ago

    Enjoyed watching your system. Thank you, Sir and God bless you. Amen.

  • broke2strings 10 months ago

    Simple awesome……………Thank you for showing us your great system. I will be making my own.:))

  • Todd Winters 10 months ago

    enjoyed very much thanks for sharing cheers 🙂

  • Joan Burr Salzman 10 months ago

    Neat idea! Thanks.

  • swamprat79 10 months ago

    ça va bien! Building mine by using your method right now. Saint Amant, La.

  • Jim Marcum 10 months ago

    good idea.  beautiful garden.

  • Aman Grewal 10 months ago

    Neat idea thanks