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Tomato cloning doesn’t mean GMO tomatoes. Cloning tomatoes is one of the easiest ways to get new healthy tomato plants started quickly. It can take you literally two minutes to clone a tomato… Related PostsHow to Grow Hanging Tomato Plant in 5 Liter Bottle || Grow Tomatoes on the Wall (Vertical Gardening)Growing Hydroponic Tomatoes Indoors in a Grow Tent Kratky Update 1 Hydroponic Beefsteak TomatoCloning and rooting hydroponic tomatoes.CLONING CHERRY GROW TOMATOES PLANTS INDOORS CHEAPER THAN AERO GARDEN HYDROPONICTomatoes and Indoor Vegetable Gardens : The Best Way to Grow Tomato PlantsGrowing Hydroponic Tomatoes – Small Tomato Plants

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  • TruthBlender 5 years ago

    I do that with all the clippings it works with peppers too!?

  • Don Baker 5 years ago

    The sucker on Tomatoes make good clone.?

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    I mixed 1 cup liquid dish washing soap (for washing dishes by hand) and 1
    gallon of water and sprayed it on all my plants to kill aphids and leaf
    legged stink bugs. When I saw a stink bug I put it in a jar to see if the
    spray affected them. The stink bug nymphs died within 10 seconds. The
    adults took about 5 minutes to die. I hope this helps anyone fighting these
    insects. I have a post on with
    pictures of the dead stink bugs.

  • Hoda Gibreel Osman 5 years ago

    Can it be possible for sucker tomatoes grow on land without rooting it in
    water? good to know your updates on same suckers planted.

  • SportsFanDecor 5 years ago

    Also have you a method or have you found anything non toxic that deals with
    stink bugs that works? Last year they came with force and destroyed my
    tomato crops. Hoping to avoid that this time around. I only use neem oil
    pesticides and BT for the worms but the neem does not kill the stink bugs.

  • EddiesuperM 5 years ago

    Is a mittleider garden better then a regular garden even if you don’t add
    any fertilizer or vitamins to a mittleider garden.

  • Quietwoods2 5 years ago

    LDSPrepper, great instructional video. I’ve gone from method to method.
    Currently using water only to get tomato cuttings to begin rooting. Thanks
    for sharing this, it just makes good sense.

  • Dove Money 5 years ago

    if you are suppose to take the suckers off in mitleiider method then how
    does improve the harvest fi you take the suckers off that produce the
    tomatoes …. I DONT GET THAT ….. I am confused and I have been meening
    to ask that question for a lonnng time

  • Joe Feser 5 years ago

    The plants will do better if you shade the clones for a week or so.

  • imasurvivornthriver 5 years ago

    Thank you for all the wonderful gardening tips LDS! I agree that it is SOO
    MUCH better to use the suckers to start new plants. Thanks for sharing all
    that you share. 🙂

  • TexasPrepper2 5 years ago

    I have some sweet potatoes in the house that are sprouting. Can I just
    break the slips off and plant them ? Do you allow a little chunk of potato
    on the end of the slip? Is it too hot now in TX to do that? Great vid.

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    Please watch my tomato pruning video. You can find it in the Mittleider
    gardening playlist.

  • RLSgardener 5 years ago

    I’m not LDSPrepper. But i do my trimming with scissors. I don’t like trying
    to break the stuff off with my hands as it can cause it to rip and not be a
    clean cut. Pruning depends on the type of tomato. Determinants don’t need
    much and indeterminate need it. Actually i pruned my determinants but i did
    not prevent 100% of the suckers from forming as you want to have a somewhat
    bush. I prune up to the first set of fruits and thin out leafs to help with
    airflow and for spraying stuff.

  • Yury Kupershtok 5 years ago

    Excellent video, thank you. Could you please tell how long it will take for
    those clones to produce the fruits? In our Michigan climate I’m afraid
    cloning at any time may be too late because they are very much delayed
    comparing to their parent plants. thank you.

  • Peter Menningen 5 years ago

    Your sand/sawdust mix is ideal for doing “cloning” root cuttings. it is
    light and it is easy for the water/nutrients/ roots to move through it. I
    used a simular mix when I did hardwood cuttings (branches new wood) from
    bushes and ground covers. Many plants can be propigated from cuttings. This
    method can be used to create may plants from one. This is an inexpensive
    way to make your place also look good. The eye and the soul also needs
    nurishment as wellas the body

  • Flowerhen 5 years ago

    Great information!! I have a ton of heirloom tomatoes this year just from
    rooting the suckers in soil. They only take a few days to root. I just put
    them in a container of moist soil. Works great!!

  • Wayne Meador 5 years ago

    Very informative, I must admit that I’m a bit behind on all of your videos
    and I’m not sure that I’ll get caught up for quite some time. This video
    was very clear and concise.

  • nocogarden 5 years ago

    peppers and tomatillos too

  • Hoda Gibreel Osman 5 years ago

    Sweet potato tops is a very good leafy salad, and had good nutrients, and
    easy to grow, while from the roots sweets potatoes comes up. Looks healthy
    and more tops .. means more leafy salads.

  • RLSgardener 5 years ago

    You are brave to try and start those suckers in our Houston Heat… I
    probably would have stuck them in a big cup/bucket of good soil and placed
    them indoors in some good light for a week or two to get the roots going.
    if you can find some of those large sized Styrofoam cups they would work
    great. Then when ready they are easy to cut open and transplant. its hard
    enough to keep a healthy plant from wilting in these 100+ degree days.

  • RLSgardener 5 years ago

    I don’t think so but you can trim them back real good and have a plant for
    a year or two if you can keep it from freezing. Check out MHPgardener
    recent video about his peeper plants.

  • drutter 5 years ago

    It IS used correctly. Suckers on tomatoes aren’t plants growing from the
    roots of the main plant, they’re lateral shoots growing from the junction
    of other shoots and the main stem. Go ahead and find me a sucker on a
    tomato plant that isn’t located exactly where the video producer indicated.
    You can’t, because that’s the only sucker on a tomato plant, right? Right.

  • BrightGreenThumb 5 years ago

    Good video however what you call a “sucker” is just called a branch or
    shoot. In botany, a ‘sucker’ is a plant growing off the roots of the main
    plant that pops up from the soil some distance away.

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    Thank you.