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Join Tom Heap as he looks back at the Agriculture gallery that was open for over 60 years at the Science Museum. From the ploughs and hoes of the Middle Ages to the combine harvesters and balers of the 20th century, and detailed dioramas, Tom revisits the history of the gallery and its many stories. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, a new team of Science Museum curators are carrying out research for a contemporary agriculture gallery that will examine the challenges facing global food production today. Related PostsOklahoma Agriculture: Past, Present, and Future ::: Kirkpatrick FoundationThe Present State and Future of Agriculture – January 2012CGIAR Agriculture Research for a Food-Secure FutureWorld Food Day 2017: Agriculture of the FutureFred Kirschenmann: The Future of Agriculture— Part 2Organic Sustainable Farming is the Future of Agriculture

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  • lawrence windrush 1 year ago

    I remember the milk maid and the working combine harvester, it's a great shame all the old traditional galleries are being replaced